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420 Property—The World’s Largest Cannabis & Hemp Real Estate Marketplace. #1 Source for Cannabis & Hemp Real Estate & Business Listings, Financing, Insurance, Professional Services, and More.


Legalized cannabis and hemp have created a new type of real estate user. Cannabis & hemp cultivation’s have absorbed warehouse and land space; medical dispensaries/ cooperatives, and recreational retail stores are now occupying prime storefronts. One of the many challenges that professionals in the cannabis industry face is the ability to obtain the facilities, financing, and services that are necessary to operate or grow their enterprise.


Launched in 2016, 420 Property is a real estate platform dedicated to helping cannabis entrepreneurs find suitable properties for their business needs. The platform offers a wide range of properties, including land, warehouses, and retail spaces, that are tailored to meet the specific needs of cannabis businesses. 420 Property also provides resources and information to help businesses navigate the complex legal landscape surrounding the cannabis industry. With a focus on transparency and professionalism, 420 Property has become a trusted resource for entrepreneurs looking to establish and grow their cannabis businesses.


Search for real estate or business listings, list availabilities, locate ‘420 friendly’ real estate professionals, financing, insurance, and more on 420 Property.

Vision: To reduce the burdens on entrepreneurs starting, expanding, or exiting the cannabis or hemp business by remaining the leading resource for business assets, financial products, and real estate.

Why 420 Property?

Reach a Niche Audience–Before you list your cannabis or hemp property or business on general real estate websites, consider this: 420 Property only attracts visitors to our site that are looking primarily to fulfill their real estate and professional needs with regard to their cannabis or hemp based business. Many of the large general real estate and professional websites receive substantial traffic, but also have tens of thousands of non-cannabis listings, equating to less targeted cannabis exposure. We provide a niche market adding value to your advertising campaign.


420 Property is FREE to use for all users. Whether you’re adding property, business, or professional listings, you can join 420 Property and submit as many listings as you wish and connect with endless potential clients at no cost. However, 420 Property does offer the following (optional) paid advertising services if you choose to take advantage of them.

Membership Pricing

Basic Membership

FREE Indefinitely
  • Restricted Access to Listings
  • Add Listings
  • Access to Upgrade Options

Premium Subscription

$ 19 Per Month
  • View All Listings & Features
  • Add Listings
  • 5% Discount on Listing Boost Packages

PRO Subscription

$ 599 Per Month
  • Add Unlimited Featured Listings
  • View All Listings & Features
  • 25% Discount on Listing Boost Packages

Listing Options & Pricing

Basic Listing

FREE Listings Expire After 18-Months
  • Appears in Search Results
  • Can Only be Viewed by Premium Subscribers

Featured Listing

$ 29 Per Listing Per Month
  • Boosted in Search Results
  • Can Be Viewed By ALL USERS without a 420 Property Account or Subscription

Social Media Boost

$ 99 Each
  • Added Social Exposure to 30K + Followers
  • Listing Posted to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Rotating Advertisements

$ 299 Each - 30-day Campaign
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  • Geo-Targeting Available

Platinum Listing

$ 795 Each - 30 Day Campaign
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  • Homepage Placement for 30-days

Dedicated Emails

$ 1,795 Each
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Ancillary Service Advertising

Rotating Advertisements

$ 699 Each - 30-day Campaign
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Static Advertisements

$ 950 Per Month
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  • Sold Out For 2022

Dedicated Emails

$ 1,995 Each
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  • 50,000 Email Subscribers 20%+ Open Rates

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