Dani Davenport is a Land, Farm & Ranch expert and has been in the Real Estate and Agricultural Business for over 30 years. She is the author of Cannabis Inc. and speaks about best practices in the Cannabis Industry. Making the most of our monetary resources, leveraging USDA and government incentives and optimizing tax aversion strategies is an essential part of her value proposition and focuses on personal and financial goal attainment. With this in mind, she is dedicated to identifying strategies that allow you to achieve your objectives. She maintains an up-to-date knowledge in California and Federal tax aversion and profit maximization opportunities coupled with local and government incentives for tailored real estate investment strategies. B.S. IN ECONOMICS & M.S. IN AG SCIENCE/MBA Texas A&M University D3 Group LLC Consulting focused on Estates, Land, Ranch and Agricultural Properties. Expertise in Investments, Profit Maximization, Tax Aversion & Gov’t Incentives. Real Estate Investor/Advisor 1987+ Investment Markets with Tax Incentives and Profitability 1031s, Mitigation Properties/Banks, QOZ & Tax Strategies with CRP & Dept of Ag Resources Global Speaker Bureau & Published Author on Investing in Land and Agriculture.