Started In 2018- Travis Broyles lost his legs in a motorcycle accident at age 15 and Cannabis was his choice of healing. It greatly helped with his PTSD & Phantom Pains. It helped him so much that he decided create Natural Gold Farms and was educating others about the positive effects cannabis had on him and his life and he started growing his own medicine at the age 16 years old, which we now carry in our store or can be special ordered. As a tribute in memory to our founder, Travis Broyles He loved giving his best to the world, and we want to give the best of him and his ideas to the world. RIP Travis Broyles, you are dearly missed. Sadly, we lost Travis to an asthma attack April 29, 2020 which he had from birth. His father now is the CEO and his living out the love of Cannabis and is very passion driven due to the death of his only son. Larry Broyles has over 30 years of experience in the cannabis industry. We would like to work with others with the same passion as we do. There is so much opportunity in this industry and we would like to share it with you! Thank you for taking your time in letting us introduce our company!!!