I am a licensed real estate broker in MA and NY focused exclusively on the cannabis industry. My firm, Cannavision Property Consultants provides real estate consulting services to individual operators, MSO’s and international companies who want to secure a foothold in the booming Masschusetts Cannabis market along with the burgeoning NY market. I currently have many opportunities available INCLUDING standalone operational dispensaries, portfolios of multiple operational dispensaries, cannabis zoned industrial buildings designated for cultivation with licenses, to developed land shovel ready for cultivation buildout. I have helped my clients close on over $20,000,000 worth of cannabis real estate transactions across Massachusetts. I represent both buyers and sellers of cannabis real estate and have an extensive network of operators, licensing attorneys, architects, commercial inspectors, investors, REITs and debt financing vendors that I regularly tap into to help my clients achieve their business goals. Feel free to call me at 917 886 9652 to learn more.. I love talking cannabis and making deals happen for my clients!