With thirty years of experience in all things real estate, finance, syndication, joint ventures, development, and construction spanning from the West Coast to Kansas City, the great State of Texas and beyond; Tracy Helphingstine will confidently educate, advocate, negotiate, and facilitate on your behalf. Navigating all your real estate needs to support your business is her business. With a full network of highly experienced legal cannabis industry partners and professionals in her toolbox, she is well equipped to work alone or bring on a team of outstanding resourceful individuals to assist you at any level you require. Tracy takes on projects and clients with relentless, unyielding resolve, and dedicates herself to the highest standard of performance while remaining an innovative outside-the-box forward thinker, creating brilliant collaborative marketing magic, fluent in contract verbiage and loopholes producing a skillful seasoned negotiator. A refreshingly straightforward straight shooter that tells it like it is, like it or not. Whether you are here to make a purchase or sell an asset, Tracy works with both Buyers and Sellers with equal experience, determination, and fierce representation (no one has ever called her non-confrontational) so we thank the heavens she was blessed with an amazing sense of humor. In addition to the above stated wheelhouse on her professional resume, she is college educated in both Economics and Finance providing for a unique perspective on current and future market climates. Tracy's ability to create #marketing magic is evident in this example marketing video CLICK HERE NOW TO WATCH NOW! NO Gimmicks, ALL Skill.