Staci is the founder/owner of 420 Land Locator and assists clients in the location and acquisition of cannabis friendly properties throughout California and various areas around the country. Staci is instrumental in the purchase, sale, and lease of property for all areas of commercial real estate and centers her business on advising and protecting her clients to create an experience, not a transaction. Staci’s entrepreneurial spirit and diverse experience in real estate, sales, operations management, and design is what makes her very unique to the industry as she continues to provide a highly professional, exceptional, and legendary level of customer service experience to her clients. Whether our clients are in need of buying, selling, leasing, or investing, Staci Laine is here to help them accomplish their business goals. From "seed to sale' we are here for you. So contact Staci Laine today and let's get your business up and "growing". 707-330-3710