Cannabis and Hemp Business Loans, Lines of Credit, and Working Capital

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Global cannabis sales are predicted to reach more than $33 billion by 2025; however, the road to opening a cannabis business is filled with regulations and expenses.

One of the biggest hurdles in the cannabis industry is obtaining capital to fund the startup and operations of a cannabis business. And as more states legalize medical and recreational marijuana, the need for cannabis business financing continues to grow. 

Since traditional banks don’t lend to cannabis businesses, cannabis-specific lenders have emerged with to provide entrepreneurs with cannabis business loans, working capital, and credit lines. 


What Kind of Information Will I Need to Get a Cannabis Business Loan?

Lenders will need to review your financial records, including your Profit and Loss Statements, Bank Statements, licensing information and history, corporate formation and governing documents, as well as your personal credit profile. Lenders catering to the cannabis industry will also want to review a detailed plan on what you plan to use the capital for and how you intend to repay the loan if it’s approved. 


What Kind of Cannabis Business Loan is Right for My Business?

Every business has different capital requirements which can vary based on the which stage of the business you are in, where you operate (or plan to operate) the business (City & State), and they type of business the funding is for (Retail, Cultivation, Distribution, Manufacturing, etc.).

As a cannabis business owner, no matter which kind of funding you choose, you need to make sure you work with a lender that understands the cannabis industry and your specific borrowing needs. 


Cannabis Business Resources Can Help

Cannabis Business Resources is here to help you with all your Cannabis Business Loan needs. Get started today!


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The cannabis real estate industry is rapidly evolving and CBR is increasingly providing very effective financing solutions to operators looking to acquire an asset or complete a construction project.

CBR is one of the only lenders in the cannabis industry to provide fully uncollateralized working capital financing to licensed operators and ancillary companies. These financings are term fundings that are customized to the needs of the borrower.

More cannabis companies are expanding their operations to meet the growing patient and consumer need in every regulated market. New Equipment acquisitions and the ability to leverage existing equipment is critical to both growth and efficiency gains and CBR provides some of the most competitive terms in the market.