Cannabis and Hemp Business Loans

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Cannabis business loans that fund your venture’s ongoing success.

A lending solution for your cannabis business.

If you’ve talked to a traditional lender about getting a loan for your business, you already know that most institutions don’t work with the cannabis industry. Federal law makes it nearly impossible for large financial institutions to offer cannabis business loans. A private lender like Lender420 doesn’t have those restrictions.

Cannabis business loans that meet your needs

Lender420 provides diverse cannabis business loan solutions that fund every stage of your company’s growth. You can use unsecured cannabis business loans for:

  • Business and license acquisitions
  • Business working capital
  • Buying out partners
  • Expanding your cannabis company
  • Payroll
  • Purchase order financing

Since Lender420 offers cannabis business loans tailored to each borrower’s needs, you can get a solution to fund practically any of your plans.

Types of companies that use cannabis business loans

If you work in the cannabis industry and have good credit, Lender420 can probably help you reach the next level of business success. Some companies that rely on cannabis business loans include those that own:

  • Agricultural land for growing cannabis plants
  • Cannabis delivery services
  • Cultivation facilities
  • Extraction facilities
  • Medical marijuana dispensaries
  • Recreational cannabis storefronts

As the legal cannabis industry evolves, more businesses will participate in opportunities. Lender420 keeps up with trends to serve the growing types of businesses that make the industry successful.

Frequently asked questions about cannabis business loans

Are cannabis business loans legal?

Cannabis legality differs from state to state. It’s always a good idea to check your local laws to make sure you qualify to own and operate a cannabis industry. Assuming you can get licensed, it’s legal for you to accept a cannabis business loan.

Who can qualify for a cannabis business loan?

Lender420 prefers to lend money to business owners with FICO scores of 680 and higher. If you have a high credit score and a licensed cannabis business, you will more than likely qualify for a loan from Lender420.

What interest rates can borrowers expect from cannabis business loans?

Interest rates can vary significantly from business to business. The lowest rates typically go to borrowers with high credit scores, detailed business plans, and histories of success in the cannabis business. Shorter repayment terms could also help lower your interest rate.

Since Lender420 adjusts loan solutions to match each borrower’s situation, you can get the most accurate information about rates, fees, and terms by contacting the company. Get the process started by completing a loan application today.


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Loans made pursuant to Department of Business Oversight California Finance Lenders Law License. License 60DBO-4553


The cannabis real estate industry is rapidly evolving and Lender420 is increasingly providing very effective financing solutions to operators looking to acquire an asset or complete a construction project.

Lender420 is one of the only lenders in the cannabis industry to provide fully uncollateralized working capital financing to licensed operators and ancillary companies. These financings are term fundings that are customized to the needs of the borrower.

More cannabis companies are expanding their operations to meet the growing patient and consumer need in every regulated market. New Equipment acquisitions and the ability to leverage existing equipment is critical to both growth and efficiency gains and Lender420 provides some of the most competitive terms in the market.