Do You Need a Cannabis Lawyer if You’re Buying a Dispensary?

Do You Need a Cannabis Lawyer if You’re Buying a Dispensary?

Buying any type of business can get complicated quickly. Even a basic contract can include a lot of legalese that makes it difficult for investors to understand the agreement’s nuances. The process becomes even more complex when you want to buy a cannabis dispensary. Suddenly, you need to make sure you follow laws that often change significantly not only from state to state but neighborhood to neighborhood. You need a cannabis business lawyer to ensure you follow the law and get a good deal that leads to a profitable dispensary.

The Role of California Cannabis Lawyers When Buying a Dispensary

A California cannabis lawyer can fill a variety of roles depending on how involved you want to be in the buying process. Some entrepreneurs want to remain as anonymous as possible, so they ask their lawyers to:

  • Create business entities that obscure their involvement.
  • Represent them during meetings and negotiations.
  • Review contracts to identify errors and explain details.
  • Make initial payments for the dispensary and related assets, such as stock and equipment.
  • Talk to local lawmakers, council members, and other influential people to make sure you follow every rule precisely.

On the other hand, some dispensary buyers just want their lawyers to play auxiliary roles. If you’re comfortable with companies business opportunities and negotiations, you might need a lawyer to provide basic services like:

  • Reviewing and submitting documents.
  • Making sure the dispensary’s operations align with local laws.
  • Overseeing final negotiations when you sign a contract and pay for the dispensary.

Obviously, it costs more to have a lawyer who’s involved in every step of the process. Many entrepreneurs decide to pay the higher price because they don’t want to risk making any mistakes during the buying and licensing processes.

Cannabis Business Lawyers Could Help You Build Relationships

Cannabis business lawyers often know a lot of people in the industry. Having a good relationship with your lawyer, therefore, could make it easier for you to make connections that benefit your dispensary. For example, your cannabis business lawyer might know a new company that makes boutique THC and CBD products for high-end consumers. Adding these items to your shelves could expand your brand’s target audience by attracting customers and patients with disposable income.

Lawyers in the industry are often happy to help clients connect with each other. Doing so means that they can create more opportunities for growth within the local cannabis market. It can also mean generating more work that helps them earn money. If you decide to enter a business contract with another brand, you will almost certainly turn to the cannabis lawyer who introduced you. It’s a smart way for professionals to create win-win situations for everyone.

A Cannabis Business Lawyer Can Provide Ongoing Support

No matter where your new dispensary is located, you need to take the local laws seriously. You cannot depend on last year’s rules to guide your future decisions. How you handle everything from advertising to packaging products could change within weeks.

A lawyer that specializes in cannabis businesses can keep you updated with emerging regulations. Is now the right time to buy a dispensary in Los Angeles? Your cannabis lawyer can help you make that decision based on expected changes in the legal and business landscape.

You have a dispensary to run. That already takes a lot of time. You will want to keep up with the major laws that affect your business, but you probably do not have time to handle the small details.

A cannabis lawyer, however, gets paid by clients to do the hard work of reading current and proposed laws. You can use that expertise to help you make smarter business decisions. For example, you might want to avoid buying a dispensary in a San Diego community if its lawmakers are considering restrictions for next year. Your cannabis lawyer can advise you whether it makes sense to buy or wait to see whether the laws change in ways that would affect your business’s success.

Local Cannabis Lawyers Can Provide Counsel for Your Business

It’s important to find a cannabis lawyer near me because the laws vary so much from place to place. A cannabis lawyer in Los Angeles probably won’t know about the details of opening and operating a dispensary in places like Denver, Portland, or Detroit.

In fact, knowing the dispensary rules in Los Angeles doesn’t even ensure that a lawyer knows everything essential about operating a dispensary in San Francisco. Even independent communities with Los Angeles can have unique rules. West Hollywood, for example, has limited permits for cannabis restaurants. Qualifying eateries can pair cannabis blends with foods for a splendid dining experience. As of mid-2021, at least, no other city offers such an option for public cannabis consumption.

Ongoing counsel from a cannabis business lawyer will help ensure that your dispensary takes advantage of new opportunities, conforms to recently passed rules, and always stays within the laws. For example, your cannabis business lawyer might have helped connect your dispensary with a cannabis restaurant. If an opportunity exists, why not take advantage of it as long as you have excellent legal counsel from an authority on cannabis law.

Understand the Risks and Penalties of Violating Cannabis Laws

Unfortunately, dispensaries have so many rules to follow that they can unknowingly violate local laws. Perhaps you didn’t know that you couldn’t advertise your cannabis dispensary on a certain street. Maybe you didn’t know that your area only lets dispensaries sell cannabis products grown off-site. If you get caught violating these and other rules, you could face hefty fines. Even worse, you could lose your permit to operate your dispensary.

A cannabis business lawyer near me can help you understand the risks and penalties of violating cannabis laws. Ideally, you get straightforward, no-nonsense advice from your lawyer that helps you stay within the rules at all times. Knowing the consequences of straying from the law could give you the motivation needed to pay close attention to your business activities.

Find Solutions When Federal and Local Laws Conflict

You already know that local and federal laws conflict when it comes to cannabis products that contain THC. It’s very unlikely that the federal government will target you as long as you operate in a state with legal cannabis. If the Department of Justice were going to shut down dispensaries, it probably would have done so under the direction of Jess Sessions, a known prohibitionist with a strict stance against legal cannabis. That didn’t happen, so it probably won’t now.

The conflict between state and federal laws can still create challenges, though. Some banks worry about doing business with cannabis dispensaries. Credit processors might also have issues letting people purchase your products with their accounts.

Until Congress makes it clear that dispensaries can operate without worry, other businesses will take a cautious approach.

Working with a cannabis lawyer, however, can help you identify payment processors, banks, lenders, and other institutions willing to accept your dispensary as a legitimate business that deserves the same services as other companies. Not every lawyer has this level of experience. You need someone who understands the industry and how some local organizations collaborate with each other for success.

Find an Experience Cannabis Lawyer

Contact a cannabis lawyer now so you can reap the benefits of working with an experienced professional who understands your needs from legal and business perspectives.

Every business needs a lawyer to help them follow industry and employment guidelines. Few industries need experts like the cannabis sector, though.

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