Cannabis and Hemp Equipment Loans & Leasing

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Access the funding you need to purchase equipment for your cannabis business.

Cannabis equipment loans put your business on the path to success.

Lender420 offers cannabis equipment loans so you can purchase the items your business needs to stay ahead of competitors.

Equipment loans for the cannabis industry

Most businesses turn to banks and other traditional lending institutions when they want to borrow money and purchase equipment. Unfortunately, the federal government considers cannabis illegal, making it nearly impossible for most financial institutions to offer their services. 

Lender420 provides cannabis equipment loans, so you can purchase the equipment you need to keep your business competitive in a rapidly evolving industry.

Using cannabis equipment loans from Lender420

The types of equipment you need will depend on which sector of the cannabis industry you serve. Cultivators spend money on different items than storefronts, delivery services, and other cannabis businesses. 

Cannabis equipment loans from Lender420 can cover the cost of items and systems such as:

  • Air conditioning that maintains the perfect temperature for growing cannabis plants
  • Benches and double rail carts that make employees more productive
  • Black-out shade and lighting systems that optimize light exposure throughout each phase of growth
  • Boilers that keep grow rooms warm during cold seasons
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) dosing for healthier plants that grow quickly
  • Cloning trays that help you clone top-selling plants
  • Commercial dehydrators that will help you get dried cannabis flowers to consumers sooner
  • Dehumidifiers that maintain humidity to encourage growth and prevent disease
  • Extraction systems for making concentrates
  • High tunnel crop protectors that keep cannabis plants safe when growing outdoors
  • HVAC systems for creating comfortable offices and retail spaces
  • Hydroponic systems for growing healthy cannabis plants in water
  • Insect netting systems that protect valuable cannabis plants from insects
  • LED lighting systems designed specifically for growing cannabis plants
  • Machine-to-package systems that reduce the time spent packaging cannabis products
  • Medical marijuana vaults for protecting stock and money while complying with state regulations
  • Security systems with cameras, motion sensors, and other features to protect high-value items
  • Testing and lab equipment you can use to meet regulations and keep consumers informed
  • Twister trimming machines for separating cannabis flowers from stems efficiently
  • Ventilation systems that circulate air through cultivation rooms

If you need different types of cannabis equipment, talk to Lender420 about your loan options. 

Cannabis Equipment Financing Agreements and Lease Programs

Lender420 offers equipment financing agreements (EFA) and lease programs to meet your equipment funding needs. The option you choose will largely depend on whether you plan to own the equipment.

Equipment Financing Agreements

With an EFA, you gain ownership of the equipment your cannabis company needs. The EFA doesn't have an interest rate, but you will pay fees that get rolled into your monthly payments. At the end of each payment period (usually weekly or monthly), you pay a predetermined amount until you cover the entire cost of the equipment plus fees. 

Payments do not change over the life of the agreement, which some companies prefer because they know precisely what payment to expect each period. Once you repay the full amount, you own the equipment outright.

Lease Programs

Lease programs charge a set amount each period (again, usually weekly or monthly) for as long as you want to use the cannabis equipment. When you decide to upgrade to a new system, the owner will collect the equipment. 

You will likely find that lease programs give you more favorable terms when you agree to use the equipment for a certain amount of time. For example, you might pay a lower monthly rate when you agree to lease equipment for five years (60 months) instead of three years (36 months).

Leasing cannabis equipment makes it easier for you to adopt the newest technologies as they emerge. You don't get weighed down by owning expensive equipment. However, you never own the cannabis equipment outright, so you will continue to make payments for as long as you use the equipment.

Frequently asked questions about cannabis equipment loans

What interest rate will I pay on a cannabis equipment loan?

The answer depends on several variables, including how much money you want to borrow, the type of equipment you need, and whether you have a record of success in the cannabis industry. The credit scores of business owners can also influence the fees and interest rates of cannabis equipment loans.

Can Lender420 help me choose the right equipment for my business?

Lender420 is committed to helping businesses in the cannabis industry select the right equipment for their needs. The company's professionals understand the diverse needs of cannabis businesses, so you can expect expert advice that leads you to effective equipment for your storefront, delivery service, cultivation facility, or other business.

Complete an application with Lender420 to learn more about cannabis equipment loans that fit your needs.


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The cannabis real estate industry is rapidly evolving and Lender420 is increasingly providing very effective financing solutions to operators looking to acquire an asset or complete a construction project.

Lender420 is one of the only lenders in the cannabis industry to provide fully uncollateralized working capital financing to licensed operators and ancillary companies. These financings are term fundings that are customized to the needs of the borrower.

More cannabis companies are expanding their operations to meet the growing patient and consumer need in every regulated market. New Equipment acquisitions and the ability to leverage existing equipment is critical to both growth and efficiency gains and Lender420 provides some of the most competitive terms in the market.

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