What is 420Property.com? 420property.com is most comprehensive “420 friendly” real estate, financing, and professional marketplace. We connect entrepreneurs with the facilities, funding, and professional help they need to grow their enterprise.
Is 420Property.com a Real Estate Broker or Agent? No, 420Propery.com a marketplace for real estate listings as well as “420 Friendly” Professionals, including Real Estate Agents, Attorneys, Lenders, Investors, and Property Insurers.

How do I submit listings?  To submit a listing on the site, visit www.420property.com >> Clik Register >> Enter Your Information >> Wait to Recieve a Password By Email >> Login to the at www.420property.com >> Complete Your Profile (Recommendation: Change Your Password to Something Memorable) >> Click Submit Listing >> Select Listing Type>> Complete Listing Information >> Submit Payment (if applicable) and Listing >> Completed. Your listing will be live as soon as your payment is completed. Also, If you wish to advertise professional services in multiple states, you will need to create multiple listings (one for each state).

Why should I use 420Property.com? 420Property.com only attracts visitors to our site that are looking primarily to fulfill their real estate and professional needs with regard to their cannabis-based business. Many of the large general real estate and professional websites receive substantial traffic, but also have tens of thousands of listings, equating to less targeted (420 friendly) exposure. We provide a niche market adding value to your advertising campaign and help you get in front of the right audience.