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Need technical support? Call 866-742-0776, Extension 2 is most comprehensive “420 friendly” real estate, financing, and professional marketplace (think of us like a Multiple Listing Service [MLS] for cannabis and hemp listings). We connect entrepreneurs with the facilities, funding, and professional help they need to grow their enterprise. only attracts visitors to our site that are looking primarily to fulfill their real estate and professional needs with regard to their cannabis or hemp-based business. Many of the large general real estate and professional websites receive substantial traffic, but also have tens of thousands of listings, equating to less targeted (420 friendly) exposure. We provide a niche market adding value to your advertising campaign and help you get in front of the right audience. In addition, all listings submitted to are also distributed to our strong social media following,,, and
When launched in 2016, we were the first company to pioneer the real estate listing service (MLS) for cannabis and hemp properties business model and make it into a viable business. Now, because of our success, many have attempted to have similar business models. In our humble opinion, we are and always will be the best and the biggest, Cannabis and Hemp industry MLS.

No, nor do we participate in any negotiations, transactions, or receive referral fees as result of you using our service. a marketplace for real estate listings as well as “420 Friendly” professionals, including real estate agents, attorneys, lenders, investors, and insurance providers.

To submit a listing on the site, visit >> Click Register >> Enter Your Information >> Login to your account at >> Complete Your Profile >> Click “Submit Listing” or “Add Free Listing” >> Select Listing Type (and sub-type)>> Complete Listing Information >> Submit Payment (if applicable) and Listing >> Completed. Your listing will be live as soon as your payment is completed.

To edit a listing on the site, visit >> Login to your account at >>  Click “My Listings” in the right-hand side menu >> Select the “Pencil” icon on the listing you wish to edit>> You will be redirected to the listing edit page >>Make your edits>> Then scroll down to the bottom and select the “edit listing” button. Done–your edits will be live in a few moments.

To remove a listing on the site, visit >> Login to your account at >>  Click “My Listings” in the right-hand side menu >> Select the “Trash Can” icon on the listing you wish to remove>> Confirm removal >> Completed. Your listing will be removed immediately . Note: For featured listings it’s best to contact to stop billing immediately.

Free listings are visible in search results but can not be viewed by users on without a PREMIUM Membership. Featured listings receive added more exposure throughout the entire platform and can viewed by all users on with or without a Premium Membership.

To submit a featured listing, follow the steps directly above, except at the bottom half of the listing submission page, look for the red box that says FEATURED LISTING–make sure turn it on, submit payment with your listing. Done.

ALL BASIC LISTINGS ARE FREE!!! For featured listing pricing, visit our pricing page here:

Premium Members have access to ALL LISTINGS on, whereas, Free Members can only view FEATURED Listings.

Generally, there are a few ways you can maximize your success.

  1. Share your listing on your social media. (Note: If you have more than 15,000 social media followers, contact us about a FREE Featured Listing);
  2. Include keywords in title and in the description of your listing;
  3. Mention the City and State in your title and description; and
  4. Add exciting photos to your listing.

You can use to position yourself a cannabis/hemp professional using our service in a couple of ways.

  1. Become familiar with local cannabis & hemp industry laws and regulations.
  2. Find listings that are compatible for cannabis or hemp use.
  3. Submit a company/professional profile by following the listing steps above.

At, we moderate and take pride in the quality of our platform. As such, if you are not able to contact a listing owner or you suspect a listing is no longer available, fake, or fraudulent, every listing is equipped with a REPORT LISTING button (located under the main picture section)–select this button and complete the form. Upon receipt of a REPORT LISTING form, will review and remove the listing if we find any issues.