How Real Estate Agents and Brokers are Cashing-In on Cannabis and Hemp

How Real Estate Agents and Brokers are Cashing-In on Cannabis and Hemp
Although at first thought, it may seem to be an unlikely pairing, those working in the real estate realm stand to benefit substantially from learning about the cannabis and hemp industry. Indeed, while this certainly would not have been plausible just a decade ago, we are now in a time in which the restrictions are being lifted on cannabis and hemp products across the country. That said, the following is a closer look at how real estate agents are starting to learn about the cannabis industry as a means of earning large commissions for conforming to the needs of the cannabis community.

The Cannabis Industry Conundrum

As mentioned, for real estate agents in certain areas, now is a perfect time to learn about and align yourself with the community needs of the cannabis industry. Although it seems to continue to be legalized at break-neck speed, the laws surrounding the industry have not been getting changed as quickly. In fact, while the right to medicinal and/or recreational use of cannabis continues to be granted to across this nation, the laws for growing and selling the substance remain murky at best.
Therefore, those who are attempting to sell and/or rent property for the purpose of growing and/or selling cannabis, tend to encounter a few hiccups throughout the process, to say the least. In order to sell more properties and to receive larger commissions, those working in real estate need to take the time to learn about the unique challenges facing those attempting to enter this industry and find every way to make the process as easy as possible.
Indeed, rather than waiting for the various surprises awaiting those who dare to venture into the cannabis industry, a professional real estate agent can and should take the time to familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations within their area. In particular, those attempting to purchase property in order to grow cannabis are likely to face the following issues:
  • Locating and Procuring the Facilities– Just as with all other industries, when it comes to finding the perfect property for the cannabis industry, location is everything. Indeed, in addition to making sure that the property is large enough for the undertaking, the property must also be compliant with both the local and state cannabis laws. Since cannabis is still illegal on the federal level, many property owners will not do business with those working in the cannabis industry. Therefore, much of the work with regards to securing a property lies in finding the right landlord/ seller for your needs.
  • Financing– Furthermore, finding financing can be equally if not more so difficult than finding the property to begin with. Once again, this is due to the overall issues with the legality of the cannabis industry. Although it has been proven that the cannabis industry can be quite lucrative, many banks and investors are reluctant to offer loans or investments for fear of legal ramifications.
  • Services Necessary to Operate or Grow their Enterprise– In addition to obtaining property and financing, those venturing into the cannabis business must also acquire the proper licenses. This is actually said to be a relatively difficult process best handled by lawyers and other professionals. Either way, although the process can be lengthy and tedious, those venturing into the cannabis industry usually seem to believe it is more than worth the trouble.

Cashing-In on Cannabis and Hemp

Given the various facts we now know about the cannabis industry in relation to real estate, becoming an expert to help others secure the proper property is a must. Luckily, is here to help. For those interested in helping customers finding property to operate a cannabis business, can assist in a variety of ways. For instance, if one is seeking listing services, 420Property is a great option. This is because those who frequent the site are typically seeking agents who are familiar with the cannabis industry in particular. Moreover, with paid and free services, users can either list their properties for free or pay for added exposure.
Overall, venturing into the cannabis industry can be a grand undertaking. However, by taking the time to familiarize one’s self with the ins and outs of the cannabis laws, this can help agents to stand out, obtain more clients, and of course, receive higher commissions. By staying abreast on the local and state cannabis laws in one’s area, real estate agents can rent and sell properties much more effectively. Moreover, sites such as can be instrumental in helping to advertise, rent, and/or sell properties to interested prospects. Rather than taking on the task of advertising one’s services in this risque market, using a site such as can help real estate agencies by offering targeted advertisements to those who are already seeking the services they are offering. Although the laws vary from state to state, the need for quality leads and advertisements is universal.
Contact 420Property today to find out how to start advertising cannabis properties for free! 
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