Invest in Cannabis Real Estate

Private investment firm Pelorus Equity Group has launched Pelorus Fund with the goal of providing real estate debt to licensed medicinal and adult-use cannabis businesses. Pelorus Fund has secured commitments from several real estate investors and family offices and forecasts raise up to

$100 million from institutional and accredited investors during its offering. To date, Pelorus Equity Group has closed $25M in cannabis transactions with an overall return of 12.4%.

Pelorus Equity Group fills an essential gap in the sector as cannabis related businesses have restricted access to conventional financing sources. Even highly experienced and properly licensed operators are often compelled to sell equity or accept cost prohibitive loans to raise capital.

These lending hurdles and the ambiguous zoning and land use regulations, has created a high demand for these specialty real estate assets. Pelorus uses it’s experience to help investors safely navigate this profitable yet intricate space.

As an early mover, the Pelorus Fund will target real estate-based financing opportunities with properly licensed and established cannabis businesses that have the required state and local operating licenses and permits. Transaction structures will include, senior debt, and capital improvement lending. Real estate asset types are commercial and industrial buildings in markets on the West Coast.

Investor Inquiry

    An accredited investor is defined as having at least $200,000 in annual income individually, or $300,000 as a couple, or at least a $1,000,000 net tangible asset value.
  • Alignment of GP income with LP income.
    • LP’s receive 25% of origination income
    • LP’s receive 75% of post-origination income
    • LP’s receive 50% of equity participation  
  • Carried Interest – LP received 100% of interest income
  • No preferred return (GP does not participate in borrower interest payments)
  • Management Fee is 1%
  • Offering Size $100M
  • Minimum Investment $100k
  • Lock-up Period 1 year
  • Collateral types – commercial/industrial warehouse with medically licensed cannabis related uses.
  • Targeted Yield of 15%
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