John Fetterman’s Nomination Could Help the U.S. Find a New Path Toward Cannabis Legalization

John Fetterman’s Nomination Could Help the U.S. Find a New Path Toward Cannabis Legalization

In a blowout victory, Pennsylvania Democrats have chosen John Fetterman as their nominee for a seat in the U.S. Senate. Winning the seat could take the federal government closer to cannabis decriminalization or even legalization.

John Fetterman’s Political History

Fetterman has had an interesting career in politics. He’s unabashedly progressive, but he knows how to find common ground with many of Pennsylvania’s conservatives. He entered politics as the mayor of Braddock. He won the election by one vote. The former steel town had once thrived. Fetterman revitalized it by encouraging the community to invest in arts and youth programs.

In 2019, Fetterman became Pennsylvania’s Lieutenant Governor. He won the position by traveling the state and speaking to anyone who would listen. He was upfront about his positions, which include the legalization of cannabis, advocating for Medicare for All, and implementing a wealth tax.

The Republican nominee has not been decided yet. The current Republican holding the seat will not participate in the upcoming election. Fetterman says that his opponent will not influence his approach to campaigning because he always focuses on the concerns of working people.

Fetterman’s Positions on Cannabis Legalization

Pennsylvania has medical cannabis, but Fetterman has encouraged legislators to change that. By moving to Congress, he will have opportunities to change laws at the federal level.

The odds don’t look great for Democrats in the Senate. Fetterman’s win would flip one seat from Republican to Democratic. Unfortunately, most Republican members of the Senate have been reluctant to support cannabis legalization. This puts them in conflict with their constituents. About 62 percent of registered Republicans say they support cannabis legalization.

Fetterman’s Path Forward

Fetterman’s career shows that he can appeal to conservatives and liberals. While he holds progressive social views, he also understands the economic issues that concern many conservatives. His position on cannabis could make it easier for Republican members of Congress to break away from their national leaders and support legalization. After all, it’s not just something that Democrats want. It’s something most of the country wants. If Fetterman wins, he may provide a path forward.

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