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With the US House and Senate overwhelmingly passing a bill to make CBD oil legal in December 2018, and the President of the United States agreeing to leave it up to individual States, the investment time is now to get in on a ground floor opportunity. One CBD oil product, that has flourished under the radar Worldwide for over five years, with 100% positive feed back for the attributes of the product. A CBD product with no competition, ready for World wide distribution to benefit all living vertebrates. Not to forget tens of thousands of dispensaries in 30+ US States. Medical relief is now available holistically for all. A seed bank with select strains to insure ongoing quality control of the product. Grown organic with many tested grows, trim, harvest, cure, processing and extractions over five years. Field tested tens of thousands of times, as a product to assist in repairing, rejuvenating, and resetting the well being from pain and disease to livable conditions.


There is no other product as fast acting for pain reduction, with the important nutrients to assist in over 50 field tested ailments. Non psychoactive, and does not show up in blood tests. Works from pre birth to old age with well being benefits, shown in case studies. It has even wakened people from comas. Other CBD products treat two minimally.


From a production standpoint this product costs 15 cents to make less labor, and sells for $10 wholesale, and one plant produces an average $12,500 in wholesale price.


Lab tests  and processing methods have provided the 0.03%thc standard required by law.


We are offering the seed bank, recipe, and current online Worldwide website markets for sale, to include one year consulting to insure quality grows, and product consistency.


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