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Price : $50,000
Listing Type : Lab & Extraction
Status : ACTIVE
Sale Type : Cash
Company Name : USA Botanics
Phone : 3033567259

I’m selling this 100% turnkey closed loop BHO Extractor. This system is perfect for medical cannabis or CBD.
When I say 100% turnkey I mean you will not have to buy anything else and you will be able to start processing immediately. Many systems are advertised as turnkey but what you don’t realize is that there is a million other things you will need to buy that aren’t included. We are including everything!

This system will have you up and running with zero downtime. It is also very safe and easy to use.
Included is a proprietary method we developed for loading/unloading material columns that allows you to process much faster and more efficiently then other systems.
This setup will pay for itself in a very short time and it is perfect for experienced extractors or those wanting to start out in the cannabis or hemp industry. You can also use a 70/30 propane/butane blend with it.

It comes with:

-Two 4ft x 6inch material colums with jacketed inline dewaxing (rack mounted)
-One 3ft x 10inch collection chamber with sight glass (jacketed)
-One 3.5ft x 12inch recovery chamber with sight glass
-MVP Recovery Pump (The best hydrocarbon pump on the market) with Carbon Dioxide tank.
-SH Scientific Circulating Water Bath
-Condenser Coil
-CPS 6.0cfm ignition proof Vacuum Pump
-Across International Vacuum Oven
-Robinair 5.0cfm Vacuum pump
-Material Rack
-Custom Material Socks
-Two 120lb Butane Tanks
-One 60lb Nitrogen Tank
-Extra Recovery Tanks
-All Hoses, Gaskets, Clamps, Filters, Valves and Pressure Gauges.

Also included are two smaller material columns for small batch processing.

Everything you will need to start processing is included. I will even include a full tank of butane.

I will include one day of setup and training help. If you need more training I would be willing to talk about it.

Email or Txt me for more information. Serious inquires only.

Cash or Wire Transfer. $50,000 OBO


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