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Price : 199,000
Status : ACTIVE
Size : 520,000
Lot Size (Acres) : 11.96
Cannabis or Hemp Use? : Cannabis and/or Hemp
Medical or Recreational : Recreational
Sale Type : Cash
Utilities : Water, Electricity

This prime 12 acre property in Calaveras County of Northern California allows you to legally grow your own weed. The county ordinance is attached. It has a well in place with a 3,000 gallon storage tank. The huge hilltop pad provides both maximum sunlight AND security; there is also a separate building pad for your vacation home. PLUS, this land is just 3 miles from a small village called “the next Napa” and 30+ wine tasting rooms. There’s also Ironstone Vineyard 3 miles away that holds summer concerts in its Ironstone Amphitheatre. Acts have included Coldplay, The Moody Blues, Bruno Mars, and too many others to name. It is all listed at www dot murphyscalifornia dot com

Here’s the Calaveras County ordinance re: recreational growing:

  1. Non-Commercial Cannabis Cultivation. The non-commercial cultivation of non-medical cannabis by a person(s) aged twenty-one or older, or the non-commercial cultivation of medical cannabis by a person(s) aged eighteen years or older in compliance with State law, provided that such cultivation complies with State law and with all of the following requirements:
    1. Not more than six live cannabis plants may be cultivated per private residence, regardless of:
      1. Whether the cannabis is medical or non-medical;
      2. Whether the cannabis is grown inside the private residence or in an accessory structure thereto or outdoors on the grounds of a residence;
      3. The size or maturity of the plant(s); or
      4. The number of non-medical users, medical users, or primary caregivers residing together in the private residence.
    2. An outdoor non-commercial cannabis cultivation site shall be set back a minimum of seventy-five (75) feet from the closest property line separating parcels that are not contiguously owned.
    3. Indoor non-commercial cannabis cultivation sites shall be in full compliance with all other applicable requirements of the County Code, the lighting requirements of §17.95.090.M, California Building Standards Code, and applicable state laws and local fire district ordinances.
    4. No cultivation is permitted within the common areas of a multi-family dwelling, residential development, mobile home park, or similar residential arrangement.
    5. The cannabis plants and any cannabis produced by the plants shall be kept in a space fully enclosed by security fencing or a structure, and securely locked, using a child resistant lock, in a manner designed to reasonably prevent access to the cannabis by trespassers and children. The plants shall not be visible by normal unaided vision from a public place, as required by Health & Safety Code 11362.2.
    6. There shall be at least one dwelling as defined in this Chapter (or a temporary dwelling as provided in Chapter 17.93 of the County Code) on any parcel on which non-commercial cannabis is cultivated.
    7. Each person cultivating non-commercial cannabis shall maintain his/her residence in a dwelling on the parcel on which the cultivation occurs. 
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