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Power: Currently there is 600A at the building, we have also applied for 3000A for this building which is in process but SCE states its about 2 years.  Another option is to run natural gas or propane generators which in a lot of cases is cheaper than SCE power. We are currently running a natural gas generator at my sister building.  The City of Adelanto does allow for generators, I have a source where I can purchase Generators for about $30,000 each, two of these plus the existing sce power would provide around 1800A 3 phase 208 v, based on your power needs more generators can be installed until SCE brings in the power, if one even wants SCE power.  A conditional use permit has been approved for cultivation, extraction type 7 and distribution.  If somebody wants to operate a testing lab that can be added to the existing cup.  The big advantage of this lease is you have plenty of time before you have to move in which will allow you to obtain your local and state license for operations as well as any engineering or planning.  Building width is 60ft and building length is 200ft. Seller can assist tenant in obtaining their license with the city and state.

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