Cannabis & Hemp Insurance
Price : $1,450,000
Listing Type : Investment Opportunities
Status : ACTIVE
APN : 050021021
Cannabis or Hemp Use Allowed? : Cannabis and/or Hemp
License Type : Recreational, Medical
City Tax Rate : Valley Springs
Year Built : 2016
Sale Type : Cash, Financing, Owner Financing, Joint Venture
Company Name : Utopia Gardens
Phone : 636-219-8089

Commercial Cannabis Cultivation Opportunity in Calaveras County on 160 fenced acres zoned A1

We have a cannabis farm for sale, rent, or partnership in Valley Springs, Calaveras County, CA, that can be expanded up to eight permits. The parcel is over 160 acres, zoned A1. We are open to multiple options, including: selling the land and/or permit outright, partnering on the permit, renting out the land, or similar arrangements. Inquire for a detailed list of options. We are also open to proposals.


*YouTube video tour link  https://youtu.be/-dlaZVU3qMU https://youtu.be/0AZVCioMr04 

(many trees have been removed since the aerial drone footage.)    *Photos attached


This 160-acre gem is allowed one commercial cannabis permit for every twenty acres according to Calaveras County’s ordinance (see Addendum 1 below). The full 160-acres is perimeter fenced, and the land is currently grazed by alpacas. Land can also be leased out for cattle grazing. There is an inner ~2-acre private space with a 6’ fence that animals cannot enter, where a half-acre cannabis cultivation site has been developed. We own the right to apply for one permit of commercial cannabis, with the option to acquire up to eight different permits, which could be split up on this parcel in a variety of ways, such as:


-8 acres outdoor

-7 acres outdoor and 0.5 of either nursery or indoor

-6 acres outdoor, 0.5 acre nursery, 0.5 acre indoor

-4 acres indoor (8 permits of 0.5 acre)


This is a fabulous opportunity to capitalize on a promising parcel, able to hold more permits than the vast majority of the other registered parcels that applied back in 2016. The agricultural zoning allows for more options than other zonings, as well as cheaper electricity. The permitting process will also be smoother since this is the original land approved for the 2016 permit. The land’s topography contains over 100 acres of southern-facing, very gently sloped, large grasslands and rolling hills. Each southern-facing hillside can support 3+ fenced-in acres. At least two of these hillsides would be easy to develop, while one is mostly developed with quality, amended, organic soil mixtures, tested twice recently. The parcel is private (not visible from the road); with sparse, small oak trees; a beautiful, seasonal creek; and a few year round springs. There is an amazing, reliable well that tested at 65 gpm. We installed a powerful pump in 2016 that does 40 gpm, which consistently fills a 2,650-gallon tank in approximately an hour.  It has never slowed in production even in the dry productive summers. We think this well can support 2-5 acres of canopy. Another well might have to be drilled if the whole 8 permits were to be developed. The whole garden is gravity fed on timers and requires no hand watering unless you want to do a feeding with a hose using the two 330 gallon feeding tanks. There are two large 2,650 tanks the well fills, more can be added easily on top of the hill. We also had full, expanded water tests done, which we can forward. Power is at the corner of the property, and we are awaiting a quote from PG&E. The process could take three months. Solar is also an option, and over 2,000 watts are available presently.


Calaveras County has the best climate for growing big plants, no rain for months, no fog, very dry, with less mold issues than Humboldt and other coastal counties. Calaveras Cannabis Control Board (CCCB) is super easy to work with, friendly and helpful. It’s also centrally located, 30 minutes to Copperopolis, Angels Camp, Valley Springs, San Andreas, Murphys. 1 hour from Sonora, Jackson, Modesto, Oakdale, Stockton.  2 hours or less from Sacramento, Lodi, Oakland, the Bay, Fresno, etc. Currently only individuals or companies who got fully through the permitting process in 2016 were granted the option to cultivate or rehome their permit. So you cannot just go apply and buy a permit in this county, making it rare to come across the chance to grow here. 


The developed site consists of approximately 2 acres with a 6 foot tall fence (Calaveras code), which could easily be expanded to 3+ acres.  This including a half acre cultivation site with one hundred 300 gallon smart pots (good for another year or 2), 2 raised beds measuring 160 foot by 7 foot and 2 foot deep (that can hold hoops), at least ninety 65 gallon smart pots, and 2 framed wood pvc style greenhouses 100 by 10. The whole site can be easily rebuilt to suit the style of growing. All soil brought to the land is healthy and organic. Soil is a mixture of 25% alpaca manure, which is highly nutrient rich, does not burn plants, can be used to instantly top dress soil, and it holds moisture (black gold), 20% organic worm castings, 20% sandy loam mix, 15% organic turkey compost mix (manure, feathers, bones, blood), 10% organic premixed soil, perlite, mushroom compost, etc. Soil is dark, lightweight, beautiful and amended, ready to go, tested great by 2 companies. The native soil is not contaminated with boron, pesticides, etc, we had it tested (can send results), but it is hard as a rock, reddish and sandy, new soil must be mixed in or used solely to fill raised beds or pots for plants to be happy. 


This land/permit includes: all machinery, soil, irrigation, small truck, fences, ford tractor (needs a little work), grow supplies, some indoor grow equipment, trim machine, trailers, generators, water tanks, solar, power tools, gardening tools, aerator pumps, etc. There are 3 wood sheds that are 120sq foot each (which do not require permitting) inside of the inner 2 acre fenced acres, plus a 55 foot semi truck trailer on wheels that has a custom conveyor belt drying system allowing all products to constantly be in motion during the drying process. The loading and unloading can be done from the back with the push of a button. 


Project requirements and sale terms.  We are only interested in working with a company or entity that has the self funding or investors to finance a large cultivation project, has a distribution and sales systems already in place, who has built and managed a large scale farm in the past and has intent of expanding cultivation on this land at least to 3 permits. We are highly interested in a company who has intent to grow and specialize in some CBD rich strains.


There are multiple options we are open to, including to sell the land and permit, make a silent partnership for the permit and renting land, selling the land and making a partnership for the permit, or selling the permit and renting land. We are also open to proposals. 

Land options include:


We would consider selling our land outright for $1,450,000. 

The land can expand to up to 8 permits. 

Land rental agreements for each permit: 

Year 1- $5,500/month per permit with 2 months free for year 1 for development 

Year 2- $6,500/month per permit 

Year 3- $7,500/month per permit 

Year 4- $8,500/month per permit 

Permit options include: 

My right to apply for 1 permit I would consider selling for $250,000. 

(Prices range for right to apply in Calaveras County from $100,000-$400,000, but most dont come with the land, making it much easier to reapply on the land the original permit was developed on). 

I would also consider being a silent partner for my 1 permit, and receive 25% of the net profits.   There will also be a one time buy in fee of $50,000. 

This means the first year the cost of land rental and buying into my permit would total $100,000 or less depending on the start date. Make it very affordable to get started on a large parcel with lots of potential. 

We are only interested in working with a company or entity that has the self funding or investors to finance a large cultivation project, has a distribution and sales systems already in place, who has built and managed large scale farms in the past and has intent of expanding cultivation on this land at least to 3 permits. We are highly interested in a company who has intent to grow and specialize in some CBD rich strains.

Contact Us: if you have any interest, questions or would like a detailed list of options, respond via email. Please send to all three email addresses. Please use “Cannabis” in the subject line so we can pull it up easily.





Thank you for reading. 


*Photos are of earlier developmental stages, more spaces have been cleared of trees, etc.


Addendum 1 – Calaveras County Commercial Cannabis Ordinance, adopted 10/22/19 https://cannabis.calaverasgov.us/Portals/Cannabis/Documents/Cannabis/Adopted%20Regulatory%20Ordinance%2010-22-19/ADOPTED%20ORDINANCE.pdf

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