Cannabis & Hemp Insurance
Price : $250,000
Status : ACTIVE
License Can Be Moved to Another Location : No
Sale Type : Cash
Company Name : SKY Extracts
Phone : 770-837-6898

Looking to sell our 2 Vulcan Dryers, the dryers were originally manufactured by the Vulcan Dryer Company. We had the dryers modified to dry tobacco or hemp. 

Some people dry the entire plant, bud is what we built it to dry. We ran a lot more per hour than we could possibly extract. So capacity should not be a problem.

 These two are specially designed hemp dryers that were setup to minimize cannabinoid damage and create a really high quality bud. Most dryers are way too hot and break the bud up by tumbling. These dryers are much more controllable and produce an excellent product. For smokers and terpenes they are the only ones I know that will produce optimal quality.


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