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We are selling one of nicest completely turn-key grow facilities in Oregon, located in a ~20k sf centrally located facility in Portland .

This all indoor facility includes 186 flowering lights with Co2 distributed throughout, including; 7 rooms with 14 lights per room, 2 rooms with 12 lights per room and one large room with 64 lights, PLUS an additional 4,000 sf flowering room that has been build out; electrical, plumbing, etc, that only needs the light fixtures, grow trays and HVAC to be complete.

(This additional room has the option to be turned into a processing site too, which is incredibly rare for the zoning and occupancy for this to work in the same building in Portland) 

In addition to all of the flowering rooms, there is a dedicated mother room, several veg rooms, trimming rooms, storage rooms, curing rooms, several office areas and much more.

This facility is currently licensed and operation and would just need to go through an ownership change (2-3 month process) with the OLCC.

Asking price is $1.5m

Grow Facility / Real Estate – Wanette, OK
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