Posted on July 27, 2020 / 192Listing ID: 77677APPLY FOR A REAL ESTATE LOAN
Cannabis & Hemp Banking
Price : $400,000
Status : ACTIVE
Size : 4463
Cannabis or Hemp Use Allowed? : Cannabis and/or Hemp
License Type : Medical
Year Built : 1970
Sale Type : Cash, Financing

Retail pharmacies and medical marijuana treatment center dispensing facilities.

Medical marijuana treatment center dispensing facilities

2. Retail sales for local or neighborhood needs, to the following limited extent, and when

such business is conducted entirely within a building:

a. The sale of baked goods and pastries, candy and confectioneries, dairy and ice cream,

groceries and meats, fruit and vegetables.

b. The sale of books, magazines, newspapers, tobacco, gifts, and stationery.

c. Eating places, lunchrooms, restaurants, cafeterias, and places for the sale and

consumption of soft drinks, juices, and ice cream, but excluding places providing dancing

or entertainment.

d. Service establishments, including barber and beauty shops, custom tailor shops,

laundry agencies, self-service laundries,

shoe repair, dry cleaning, pressing or tailoring shops, and florist retail outlets in which

only nonexplosive and non-inflammable solvents and materials are used and where no

work is done on the premises for retail outlets elsewhere.

3. Day-care centers.

4. Financial institutions and professional offices.

5. Public service facilities, such as police and fire stations.

6. Essential service installations that are essential to the adequate distribution of

service, provided it shall not include a business facility, repair facility, storage of

materials outside a structure, storage of a vehicle, or housing or quarters for an

installation or repair crew.

7. Parking lots and parking garages.

8. Medical, dental, photographic, or similar laboratories and clinics or hospitals.

9. Radio and television broadcasting studios.

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