22k sqft Indoor Agricultural Production Property Seeking Partner

New Hampshire, USA
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Description :

Off Grid MEGA Indoor Agricultural Production Property

Utilizing Proprietary Owned U.S. Patented UTILITY TECHNOLOGY  
-Indoor Localized Food/Plant/Hemp/ MicroGreens/Cannabis Production
–Our technology allows us to grow anything cheaper then everyone, Literally!
The TEAM and Project

We are a small team of dedicated and unique serial entrepreneurs/ experimentalists
and are looking to start a conversation with qualified Investors, Benefactors,
Philanthropists, and like-minded Friends.

The United States is being strategically dismantled by design, it’s disaster
capitalism at its finest. The time to wake up and band together is NOW.

The new NORM, Building Back Better comes at a HIGH cost, are you replacing your
freedom with technocracy? It’s time to support positive disruptive technologies that
can make a positive difference in this world!

Current monopolies have driven our world into the travesties we’re experiencing
today by way of pollution and destruction to our (THE PEOPLE) natural resources.
They control the world’s food supply, and the world’s money supply, and control all
governments of the world through outright corruption and violence.

It’s time to remove these oligarchs and their monopolies.

A national surveillance State has emerged and now superseded our U.S.
Constitution, controlled our academia, journalism, legal system, and entertainment,
and continues to smother the population in mindless propaganda.

Where to go from Here?

We have solutions; with REAL hard science, and supporting intellectual property,
and moral integrity.

Let’s benefit mankind instead of enslaving it.

On our Short-term objectives list is the real possibility for an increase in the caloric value of food!! To put simply imagine if we can grow a tomato that has 1000 calories? GAME CHANGER

The Science “Abstract”

Chemical energy is the base form of life and in the case of autotrophs,
photosynthetic reactant species, (plants), capturing and storing the electron volts
from photons (light) is how it all begins. These photons will be converted and stored
as organic compounds known as adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and nicotinamide
adenosine dinucleotide phosphate (NADPH).

Within the wavebands of Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR), certain
wavelengths have a higher maximum potential energy-carrying ability. For this
reason, each photosystem uses multiple proteins called photoreceptors to capture
light energy. These protein molecules interact with the energy located in specific
wavelengths to cause molecular collisions known as excitations.

Utilizing this knowledge is what makes our Proprietary Technology so effective. We substitute traditional light sources with our proprietary technology that can deliver
photosynthetic energy levels that are multiple times higher than that of the
traditional sun, and in high amplitude, this creates massive amounts of photons
with very high absorption spectra; consequently, plant proteins are able to adapt
quickly and harvest this high potential energy.

This biological conversion is called photosynthesis and transforms the
electromagnetic energy of light into chemical energy storage by synthesizing
organic compounds (carbohydrates) from inorganic ones (carbon dioxide and

Through our proprietary methods of increasing the photon input, we can trigger
stimulation to the electrochemical transmembrane gradient (potential energy) that can
be used to drive a multitude of biological processes such as ATP synthesis, nutrient
uptake, and action potential formation such as suppling additional ATP and NADPH to
the Calvin Cycle.

Our treatment provides a door into the micro-system of plant development with useful
novelty for time/material formation and manipulation techniques to carbon fixation
processes and rates not demonstrated in nature.

Our Internationally patented technology delivers monochromatic light signaling to create very high potential environments for photomorphogenesis; this in turn raises the usability
potential within the photoreceptor system, and forces chlorophyll pigments to adapt
by increasing photosynthetic efficiency.

·      Our system generates almost NO HEAT

·      Our System uses less than 150 watts input and produces a 54-amp output!

·      Our system grows plant life faster and more robust and healthier than any other light.

·      Our system is Proprietary, and additional patents can stem from the original.

·      We can grow Plants indoor literally Cheaper than ANY competitor.

·      We can self-generate power!

What we NEED:

Hands on Partnership
A partner that is AWAKE, Brave and NOT a SHEEP! Do not contact us if you believe in the covid vax and narrative.
Call/Text – 207-595-9262

Email –

Video Link:

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