Price : $10,800
Listing Type : Greenhouses For Lease
Status : ACTIVE
Price : 0.25
Size : 14620000
Lot Size (Acres) : 350
Medical or Recreational : Both
  • LOWEST cultivation taxes in the state at $1 a sq’ and lease rates around $0.25 a sq’. Do your homework as there are no smoke and mirrors with this listing. You will find that all of this information is factual in nature and is in full compliance with all regulatory agencies involved. 

    This is a sale/ lease/ partnership opportunity Listing prices may be slightly lower or higher depending on terms ( owner financing available )

    The following bullet points cover the general description of the land in lake county ca, along with all of the regulatory steps that have been taken to create a nearly turnkey operation for the commercial cultivation of cannabis on a large scale.  The last bullet points include very conservative estimates on possible revenue generation that may be realized starting in 2019.  We are willing to entertain all fair and qualified offers; including lease, purchase, and or partnership .  This property is in a uniquely advantageous position to be the leader in the county when it comes to commercial cannabis cultivation! Proof of funds required. I have many pictures just cant be uploaded please request for more info.


    Summary of Property Characteristics & Regulatory Environment 


    333.36-Acres County Approved Zoning for Large Scale Commercial Cannabis Cultivation (green zone)    

    • Existing site preparations ready for large-scale cultivation

      • 25-acre graded existing cultivation area

      • 6-acre fully ripped existing cultivation site
      • Fully graveled roads from parcel line to existing cultivation area

      • Main irrigation lines established

    • 1,800 sq.’ of existing structures designed for conversions of choice:

      • Residential, Manufacturing, Nursery, Harvest Room, Storage, Indoor Cultivation

    • Fully graveled roads from parcel line to existing cultivation area
      • Multiple areas on property with several acres of land possessing slopes lower than 8%

      • Easy access to multiple other water sources (perennial springs & streams) on parcel
      • Only basic improvements (crowning & gravel) required for existing roads to be fully accessible for future sites

    Multiple On-Site Water Sources    


    • Spring fed pond reservoir (2 million-gallon capacity)

    • Parcel-wide ground water accessibility at 25’

    • One perennial and two intermittent streams

    Unparalleled Environment  

    • No possibility of contaminated product

      • No water or land contamination in area

      • No surrounding agricultural operations

    • Water (natural rain, spring, and stream sources)

    • Air Quality (best in state)

    • Distinct terroir/appellation within North Coast region 

    • Secluded and secure site (remote location w/ extensive topographical barriers)

    • Sun exposure (over 16-hr full sun exposure during summer months)
    • Soil (loamy, clay soil with high inherent quality in region)
    • Elevation (2,050’ which is ideal for cannabis growth)

    Lowest Taxes in the State 

    • Up to OVER $18 MILLION ANNUAL TAX SAVINGS compared to identical operation in other areas of California

      • Based on 352,000 sq.’ canopy of mixed light using industry standard figures

      • Lake County taxes based on canopy size opposed to gross receipts; allowing for much higher margins when operational efficiencies are implemented

    Minimal Competition  

    • 04/19/2018 cutoff date for applicants

      • Only 55 properties in county satisfied requirements before cutoff date

      • Only 5-10 parcels large enough (at least 80-acres) to be eligible for the maximum of four total county Major Use permits 
    • Opportunity to be industry leaders in Lake County

      • ONLY ELIGIBLE PARCEL in county large enough to scale to 16 Major Use permits with parcel splits for a total canopy space of 16 acres.

      • County currently has not limited total area allowed for county wide cultivation amongst all qualified licensees
      • Positioned well for large state license (5-acre each license) once allowed in 2023 for a total of canopy space of 80 acres

    Paperwork/Permit Compliance 

    • Domestic and cannabis diversion and irrigation water rights 

      • Enrolled in SWRCB General Order for discharge and erosion control with completed Site Management Plans

      • Multiple demonstrations for future water diversion statements for cannabis filed, SIUR ready for registration, CDFW pre-approval on LSA agreement (1602 permit)
    • Completed county Site Management Plans/Maps ready for approval for up to 4-acres outdoor cultivation

      • Cover Sheet, Surrounding Area Aerial, Site Plan (Existing Conditions), Site Plan (Proposed Conditions), Cannabis Cultivation Site, Cannabis Related Building Layouts, Security, Terrestrial Habitats, Stormwater Management, Easements and Access Roads, Flood Zones, Fault Lines, and BPTC Measures

    • Completed county Property Management Plans ready for approval for up to 4-acres outdoor cultivation

      • Air Quality, Cultural Resources, Energy Usage, Fertilizer Usage, Fish and Wildlife Protection, Operations Manual, Pest Management, Security, Stormwater Management, Waste Management, Water Resources, and Water Use Plans

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