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Once in a lifetime opportunity and only will entertain serious operators. This property had been leased to one group for the last 10 years. They wanted to purchase property but I would not sell so they moved on.

300 + acres of gated, secluded, secure, productive property with a great history. Views as long as the eyes can see. Property is surrounded by thousands of acres of BLM land and the closest neighboring property is 25-35 minutes away which also has previously cultivated but has been vacant for 3 years. Off the main street there is only 1 long dirt road which takes 20-30 minutes to this property. Security has not and will never be an issue. Very secure 

Property zoned in correct exclusionary zone
4-6 natural springs 1-2 of which feeds into a lake which is 30ft deep and 100×200 yards round 
NEW) 30x60ft barn structure originally designed for indoor flowering, mothers, clones
NEW) 600 sq ft residential structure ( no water, sewer or electrical ) original used to house laborers
1-2 acre parcels of scattered flat lands throughout property
Off Grid no sewer, no well, no electricity 

This property has been a secure grow area for 15 years with never one issue regarding theft, crime or enforcement. The existing tenants has taken majority of there equipment so plan on having a game plan, site plan and a bank roll to open up a massive operation.

Lets talk Buisness
Long term lease available, Open to partnerships or percentages. 

I WILL NOT RENT MONTHLY- Don’t waste my time with petty questions. This is for the serious grower.


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