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Flower Rooms 1-3, Design Conditions 75F 55%RH (3 Units): 15 Ton Units

Veg/Mother/Clone: Design Conditions: 80F 60% RH (1 Unit) 10 ton Unit


• Unit Voltage 460/3/60, Double Wall R13 Cabinet Construction with Horizontal airpath (Side Return/End Supply)
• Evaporator – 6-Row, DX Copper Tube Aluminum Fin
• Compressors –Lead & Lag Variable Capacity
• Modulating Hot Gas Reheat – Two-row coil, Dual circuit full capacity
• Supply Fan Motor – Direct Drive, High Efficiency ODP w/VFD
• Condenser Fan Motor – VFD Driven AC motors
• Exhaust Fan Motor – Direct Drive, High Efficiency ODP w/VFD for CO2 Purge
• Factory non-fused disconnect & unit-powered convenience outlet for heated receivers
• CO2 remote monitoring sensor – field installed (Injection systems & CO2 provided by others)
• T/RH remote sensor – field installed
• Outside Air Damper DDC Actuator for CO2 Purge
• Auxiliary SCR Electric Heating Coil
• 2” MERV 8 Pre-Filters, 4” MERV 11 Final Filters (1) Set
• Low Ambient Flooded Condenser for Operation to -20F
• Supply Air Smoke Detector – factory supplied, field installed in duct
• Factory Installed Cultiva Systems Controls with remote access & monitoring, BACnet IP comm. card
• 18” Knockdown support curb, shipped loose for field assembly/install

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