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Price : $3,000,000
Status : ACTIVE
Size : 10000 (Warehouse) Plus
Lot Size (Acres) : 10 Acres
Power (AMPS) : 2 (200) Amp - for Cultivation & for Water Bottling
Cannabis or Hemp Use Allowed? : Cannabis
License Can Be Moved to Another Location : No
License Type : Recreational
City Tax Rate : 3.00
Utilities : Water, Electricity, Sewer
Sale Type : Owner Financing
Company Name : Ohlson Mountain Gold, LLC
Phone : (907) 299-4004

Indoor Cannabis Cultivation Business:  Licensed & permitted 5000 Sq Ft Indoor Grow–26 LED Fluence Full Spectrum Lighting, Security System, HVAC System, CO2 System, Drip trays, water, hundreds of pots, mixer for soil medium, EZ trimmer, Debudder and an Equipped Office.  Last harvest yielded 43 lbs off the 26 LED Fluence Lights.  Plenty of licensed space to add more lights and to increase grow operation.   Located on 2nd floor of Warehouse.  Processing room looks off of an expansive deck.  From the processing room, we can see skiers and snowboarders traverse down the slopes.  This licensed space has 3 grow rooms (can be utilized for veg, flower or drying), a drying/curing room, security room, clean room and processing room.  Industrial racks are flanked on each side of the grow rooms.  Piped in water from your own Water Bottling Operation and a DEC Approved Septic System enables this cultivation operation to minimize expense.  This business is two years old.

Water Bottling Business:   DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) could not believe how “pristine” our mineral spring water was when they were approving the permit.  This is a “gravity fed spring”  which flows into the bottling operation on the first floor.  The water is superb, and our motto is “You Can Taste the Difference”–prime to enter the Berkley Springs International Water Tasting contest.  The water bottling plant has two delivery trucks, Toyota Forklift, water purification system, UV Light, Ozone Machine, Small Bottling Line (bottles 1200 per hour); 3 & 5 Gallon Hand filling station, many pallets, electric pallet jack, and bottle washer.  Septic system is DEC approved.  Water is filtrated with carbon filters, ozone and UV light–no chemicals.  We drink our water in its natural form, but to sell to the public water is required to go through a filtration process.  This business is over ten years old.  

First floor of Warehouse has large truck bay with roll-up garage door;  a large loading dock with roll-up door and plenty of area to license for even a more expansive cultivation operation or manufacturing.

Attached two bedroom  Residence to warehouse allows owner to be close or provide housing for your cultivation team.  Perimeter fencing surrounds the gated property.  Included is an additional large outbuilding for cold storage (power to the building), and your own personal greenhouse on second floor.  We are 12 miles out of town, and our visitors are the Bald Eagles, Sandhill Cranes and occasional moose versus the two legged humanoids. 

Any grower knows a good water source is integral to your cultivation operation; the water bottling business has also helped us minimize our federal tax burden on the cannabis business.  Flower is averaging $2700 per pound these days.

Owner financing available; 20% down with fixed rate note of 20 years will allow you to become one of the larger cultivators in Alaska.

Yes, this is an Alaskan Frontier operation and most likely not as sophisticated as people are familiar with from the the “lower forty-eight,” but if you are a cultivator wanting to escape to a simpler life away from the hustle and stress of populated areas AND appreciates a great growing environment–this place is for you.  Yes, we have internet — great for those whom also work remotely.   

In order to assume the cultivation license, one must be an Alaska residence.  Owners can assist on the process.  

3 Phase hook-up accessible for expansion needs.

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