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Almost New MEP Turbo Extractor Grand Junction, CO, USA
Price : $99,000
Listing Type : Lab & Extraction
Status : ACTIVE
Medical or Recreational : Both
Year Built : 2019
Sale Type : Cash
Company Name : King Pharma
Phone : 818-540-5182

Lightly used system from Extraction Tek Solutions in Denver. It is less than six months old and we did less than 75 runs on it. It was used for hemp extraction. We are scaling up to a large ethanol system and do not use hydrocarbon anymore. We will only sell to registered hemp labs or licensed THC cannabis labs.

Ready to ship immediately

If you can’t wait for the 6-8 week lead time, this is your opportunity to get a UL certified system developed by the same company who popularized hydrocarbon extraction systems. Their tech support is fantastic and they answered all our questions with patience, believe me.

This set up includes:

MEP30 Turbo Model – The Turbo model has made significant improvements in recovery times compared to previous systems. It comes with three super chillers instead of the usual two. It also comes with two Haskell 420 pumps, two expansion columns and two Taevo Mini 10 chillers. Earlier hydrocarbon extraction systems only have one of these. It can process 45 liters at a time or you can get a continuous flow going by switching out completed extraction columns while one is running. You can process 100s of lbs a week.

2- Haskel EXT420 recovery pump – Solvent recovery pump. This can handle large amounts of hydrocarbon compared to normal pumps.

2- TAEVO Tech Mini 10 Chillers – These cool down the super chillers on the system.

1- Julabo BC4 Heating Circulator – This is a 230V/60Hz heater bath. It’s used to heat the columns to recover solvent.

1-RPRzahn Chromite 3000A Heating circulator- 3000W 220V heater bath. This is used to recover solvent from the collection vessel

1- Arlynn Intrinsically Safe Scale 12″x12″ with digital display – This floor is a floor scale with a mountable display. It can weigh up to 300 lbs and out to 0.01 lb. This is commonly used to weigh butane cylinders to measure how much goes into the system. We also used it to weigh large amounts of biomass.

1- Piab vacuum pump – Honestly I love this little thing. I wish we could keep it for other systems. This pump will not degrade from hydrocarbon and it weighs like 2 lbs. We use it to pull initial vacuum on the system.

1- Dewax Column – This jacketed column can be cooled to freeze waxes and lipids inline. This reduces the need for multiple winterizations or dewaxings.

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