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Cannabis & Hemp Insurance
Price : $1,750,000
Status : ACTIVE
Size : 12,000
Power (AMPS) : 800 Amps 3-Phase with Back-up Generator
Cannabis or Hemp Use Allowed? : Cannabis
License Can Be Moved to Another Location : No
Current Cannabis Business License? : Annual Cultivation and Distribution
License Type : Recreational
City Tax Rate : 2%
Sale Type : Cash
Company Name : Santa Cruz Roots
Phone : 831-706-0025

Santa Cruz Roots is a boutique, small batch cannabis cultivation and distribution company that was incorporated in January of 2018. Since August 2018, we have been consistently putting out harvest after harvest of potent indoor cannabis with a meticulous focus on quality. The most in demand, leading-edge genetics have been selected, tailored to distribution in the connoisseur market. Environments have been perfected, SOPs developed, IPM obsessively maintained, and our custom nutrient blend fine tuned.  We spare no effort all to cultivate the high terpene, cannabinoid dense, aesthetically appealing cannabis today’s discerning consumer demands.

We take pride in connecting communities through superior quality cannabis products.
We cultivate more than just cannabis, we grow a lifestyle.

Santa Cruz Roots elected to become an S-Corp in 2021. We hold two California state issued licenses:
one for the cultivation of cannabis and one for the distribution of cannabis.

Distribution License C11-0000400-LIC
Cultivation License CCL18-0002046-LIC

Company Assets:

– Established Santa Cruz Roots Brand
– Annual Indoor Cultivation License
– Annual Distribution License
– Excellent standing with the City and State
– Use-Permit for entire +/- 15,000 sq/ft building for Cannabis Cultivation, Distribution, Manufacturing and Testing
– Plans drafted for the full development of the cultivation
– 800 Amps of 3-Phase Power with Backup Generator
– Consistently productive cultivation including 2 fully climate controlled Indoor Flowering Rooms with mixed LED and Gavita DE lighting with sliding tables to maximize canopy, vertically stacked Vegetative Room with Fluence Spyder LED lighting
– All cultivation areas are plumbed and automatically irrigated from large reservoirs that are fed from individual Dosatron Systems
– Large Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System
– State approved climate controlled areas for Drying and Product Storage, a Processing and Packaging Area, a Loading Bay with roll up door, as well as plenty of Office infrastructure
– Licensed Vehicle with security cage for distribution and pick ups
– Convenient, quiet, centralized location in the city of Santa Cruz
with easy Highway 1 and 17 access
– State approved surveillance system with 11 cameras
– Alarm system
– Cannabis Bank Account
– Potential option to purchase the Building
– 3rd Party Valuation for 3 Million in 2021

Santa Cruz Roots
Current Yield Projections

60 Flowering Lights assuming 5 harvests/year

Projected Yields & Returns

1 Pound per Light = 300 lbs/year
Return @$1,400/lb = $420,000
Return @$1,800/lb = $540,000
Return @$2,200/lb = $660,000
Return @$2,600/lb (Jarred and Branded) = $780,000

2 Pounds per Light = 600 lbs/year
Return @$1,400/lb = $840,000
Return @$1,800/lb = $1,080,000
Return @$2,200/lb = $1,320,000
Return @$2,600/lb  (Jarred and Branded) = $1,660,000

3 Pounds per Light = 900 lbs/year
Return @$1,400/lb = $1,260,000
Return @$1,800/lb = $1,620,000
Return @$2,200/lb = $1,980,000
Return @$2,600/lb (Jarred and Branded) = $2,340,000

Santa Cruz Roots is ready to break out, and dramtically expand our operation. We are approved for 15,000 sq ft of cultivation in our facility. Demolition has been completed and the space is ready to build.  In order to finance our expansion, we are looking to develop a strategic partnership, or could be open to the right acquisition offer. Contact Bobby Donaldson or Troy Bookout for more details.

Plans are in place to develop the cultivation into entire 15,000 sq ft building. There are several different layouts drafted, the largest footprint allowing 250 Flowering Lights.

Potential Yield & Return

1 Pound per Light = 1,250 lbs/year
Return @$1,400/lb = $1,750,000
Return @$1,800/lb = $2,250,000
Return @$2,200/lb = $2,750,000
Return @$2,600 (Jarred and Branded) /lb = $3,250,000

2 Pounds per Light = 2,500 lbs/year
Return @$1,400/lb = $3,500,000
Return @$1,800/lb = $4,500,000
Return @$2,200/lb = $5,500,000
Return @$2,600 (Jarred and Branded) /lb = $6,500,000

3 Pounds per Light = 3,750 lbs/year
Return @$1,400/lb = $5,250,000
Return @$1,800/lb = $6,750,000
Return @$2,200/lb = $8,250,000
Return @$2,600 (Jarred and Branded) /lb = $9,750,000

The ceiling height would easily allow for a multi level cultivation potentially doubling the square footage and potential yields

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