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At Corbco Ventures, our primary goal is to create a diverse and secure investment portfolio that adapts to market conditions and the changing demands of our customers and business associates. This entails being quick on our feet while still being analytically astute and innovative. Specializing in a range of investment areas, we offer services in the following:


Commercial Real Estate Development, Brokerage, and Lending

Our services include expert site selection and evaluation, new project development scheduling, construction management, and acquisitions. In addition, through our affiliates, C3 CRE and Rair Capital, we provide commercial brokerage and financing services.

Additionally, we guide the process and are strategic in our efforts to capitalize on current market trends to ensure our clients and partners are provided with the best development opportunities. We do this while actively seeking to expand our portfolio in the following asset types: retail, industrial, land, cannabis, multi-family, self-storage and climate storage, hotels, medical office/office, gas stations, car washes, and more.


Cannabis & CBD

Cannabis is a complex, volatile market and one that is increasingly competitive. Cannabis clients and partners, from established provisioning centers and growers to startups supplying the industry, turn to us for expertise with all license and property types. We guide them through the entirety of the process, including the licensing applications, real estate ownership and development, and brand/product development. Additionally, we are interested in helping our partners with investment opportunities centered around CBD and hemp brands. Unlike most other cannabis real estate development companies, we provide commercial brokerage and financing services through our affiliates, C3 CRE and Rair Capital.


Crypto, NFT, & Digital Real Estate

Crypto and digital real estate are among the most exciting asset classes (NFTs are a subset of crypto), one that requires a steady hand and breadth of knowledge for investors to be successful – especially those new to the marketplace. As early investors in cryptocurrency and crypto-mining operations, we are eager to capitalize on this market. We continue to look for more opportunities in the digital asset sector.

The future of just about everything is digital – including real estate. Digital real estate, or virtual property, includes all websites, domain names, and URLs. In the coming years, these digital assets may have great financial worth. Like traditional real estate, digital real estate may be purchased and sold on the market. With digital real estate booming, our company plans to passively invest in this space, so we are interested in joint ventures and/or angel investment opportunities.


Legal Gambling

From video gaming and online sports betting platforms to commercial casinos, options for legal gambling investments are as varied as they are lucrative. With legal gambling a potentially lucrative investment sector, Corbco Ventures is interested in legal gambling licenses and investments. Our company plans to invest in this arena should ideal opportunities arise in the future through joint venture partnerships and/or angel investments.



Our technology vision is keenly focused on new technology redefining energy markets, healthcare delivery, education, and manufacturing. Since we believe the investment potential is limitless, we have chosen to invest in several tech apps and are continuously looking for more tech websites or apps to invest in through joint venture partnerships and/or angel investments.


Retail & Restaurants

We are interested in retail and restaurant investments, and fortunately, shopping and dining are in flux, especially legacy brands. The appetite for new concepts, especially those with strong health and social impact, and potential for replicability are exciting investments that we are exploring. These are brands with vision and unique personalities. We look for new concepts to support through direct financial investments and/or real estate services, and within our properties, we have many opportunities for these needs through joint venture partnerships and/or angel investments. 



In recent years Esports has become increasingly popular amongst millions of people worldwide, so it’s unsurprising that we have taken an interest in this sector. Esports championships see as many, if not more, viewers as those of traditional professional sports leagues. It is the entertainment of choice for the coveted 18 to 25-year-old demographic. With explosive growth and unlimited potential, we are interested in platforms and companies seeking joint venture partners and/or angel investors in Esports.


Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a crucial investment area as more people turn toward cleaner energy sources for their businesses and development projects. Corbco Ventures continues to make renewable energy investments in our sustainable portfolio. We aim to promote the future of clean energy, beyond our commercial real estate portfolio, by making passive investments in this sector with those seeking joint venture partners and/or angel investors.



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