Cannabis & Hemp Insurance
Price : $3,000,000
Listing Type : Cultivation/ Production
Status : ACTIVE
Size : 25000
Lot Size (Acres) : 25
Cannabis or Hemp Use Allowed? : Hemp
Sale Type : Cash, Financing
Utilities : Water, Electricity, Sewer, Natural Gas
Company Name : Princess Flower Inc
Phone : 9207406873


Wisconsin Farm land 25 acres  
W8131 State Road 60 Arlington, WI 53911
The greenhouses, offices, and shed are fenced in ~2 acres. Other acres are not
Soil tests from 2019 from Rock River Labs
It was an alfalfa research facility prior to our ownership S&W Seed Co.
Fully Secure fence, gate and camera system and alarm system from PerMar https://www.permarsecurity.com/
Greenhouses, Offices, Lab    
4 (1750 sq ft) permanent poly greenhouses https://wadsworthcontrols.com/controls/versistep/ HPS bulbs, fully automated with Wadsworth Controls systems
(total about 7,000 sq ft of growing space)
Each room has dosatrons for possible drip lines or hydroponics. The benches are fixed sliding.
Greenhouse 1 (Mother)   7 lights by 4 rows = 28 HID lights
Greenhouse 2 (Veg)   8 lights by 4 rows = 32 HID lights
Greenhouse 3 (Flower/Veg)   5 lights by 6 rows = 30 HID Lights, Water Wall
Greenhouse 4 (Flower/Veg)   5 lights by 6 rows = 30 HID Lights, Water wall
1 Conference room   16.25 x 11 ft
2 offices made for employees   14 by 12.5 ft, 12 by 12 ft
Lunch room with sink, microwaves, Fridge    
Bathroom (M)    
Bathroom (W) (with shower)    
1 Lab with fume hood   fume hood: 51 x 26 in inside
Drying room in upstairs   13.5 x 23 ft
R&D separate programmable rooms   12.5 x 12 ft, 10 x 12 ft, contains timers and CFL bulbs for lighting
1 large storage shed with pallet racking   68 by 52 ft (16 ft high to rafters), 3500 sq ft
1 small shed for chemicals   12 ft by 12 ft
2 Hepafilter air exchange system https://www.hawthornegc.com/shop/product/can-filter-m5-can-industrial-unit-powered-by-max-fan-20-in-and-can-lite-9000 Can-Filter® M5 Can Industrial Unit Powered by Max-Fan® 20 in & Can-Lite™ 9000
4 Ideal H2O MIXR Water Filter Systems  
two 550 gal storage tanks   Fleet Farm 1100 gal total
2 Soft water softeners   Custom Care powered by WaterRight
2 safes for secure storage https://americanrebel.com/product/ar-inv-inventory-control-safe/ 2 x 3 ft inside dimensions 40″ W x 72″ H x 28.5″ Total Depth – 950 lbs.
Twister t6 trimmer with Collector https://www.twistertrimmer.com/twister-t6-trimmer/ Used to harvest 2 rooms of 1500 plants total (wet harvest)
Themotek HVAC Direct Industrial Air heater https://www.thermotek.com/catalog/fanCatalog.asp?catid=130 10000 CFM, motor: 7500 hp, 400 VAC, 60HZ, 3 phase, 9.5 full load Amps
Growing Equipment    
3000 https://www.hawthornegc.com/shop/product/gro-pro-premium-nursery-pots-injection-molded Gro Pro Premium Nursery Pot 1 Gallon
1700 https://www.hawthornegc.com/shop/product/gro-pro-black-plastic-pots Gro Pro Black Plastic Pot 4 in x 4 in x 3.5 in (960/Cs)
400 https://www.hawthornegc.com/shop/product/gro-pro-black-plastic-pots Gro Pro Black Plastic Pot 5.5 in x 5.5 in x 5.75 in (200/Cs)
298 https://www.hawthornegc.com/shop/product/super-sprouter-triple-thick-trays-10-x-20-black Super Sprouter Triple Thick Tray Black 10 x 20 No Hole (50/Cs)
280 https://www.hawthornegc.com/shop/product/super-sprouter-50-cell-plug-insert-tray Super Sprouter 50 Cell Square Plug Tray Insert (70/Cs)
249 https://www.hawthornegc.com/shop/product/black-square-plastic-pots Gro Pro Black Plastic Pot 6 in x 6 in x 7 in
200 https://www.hawthornegc.com/shop/product/mondi-propagation-domes-7-in Mondi Mini Greenhouse 7 in Propagation Dome (50/Cs)
100 https://www.hawthornegc.com/shop/product/growers-edge-deluxe-steel-stakes Grower’s Edge Deluxe Steel Stake 5/16 in Diameter 2 ft (20/Bag)
100 https://www.hawthornegc.com/shop/product/super-sprouter-propagation-trays-10-x-20 Super Sprouter Propagation Tray 10 x 20 – No Holes (100/Cs)
60 https://www.hawthornegc.com/shop/product/growers-edge-deluxe-steel-stakes Grower’s Edge Deluxe Steel Stake 5/16 in Diameter 3 ft (20/Bag)
40 https://www.hawthornegc.com/shop/product/hurricane-pro-high-velocity-metal-wall-mount-fan-20-in Hurricane Pro High Velocity Oscillating Metal Wall Mount Fan 20 in
60 https://www.amazon.com/Devault-2400B-Plant-Dolly-24-Inch/dp/B002TQSFK0/ Devault 2400B Plant Dolly, Black, 24-Inch
5600 https://www.atlantishydroponics.com/product-p/vssp.htm Viagrow® germination Super Plugs, Plugs sizes are an space saving 1″ x 1.25″
70 https://www.247garden.com/247p-fp-25f.html 25 Gallon fabric growing containers
13 https://www.uline.com/Product/Detail/S-9945BLU/Drums/Plastic-Drum-with-Lid-55-Gallon-Open-Top-Blue Uline 55 gallon plastic barrels
2 https://b-air.com/product/b-air-vent-vp-25/ B-AIR® VENT VP-25 COMPACT
5   Misc Fans
Wadsworth Veristep Control system    
  1-8 zone control (4 boxes, 3 zones for arlington greenhouse)
    3 setpoint periods — day, night, and DIF
    24 relay outputs with manual override switches
    Replaceable 10 amp DPDT relays, can operate a wide variety of equipment — these relays reduce the cost of your contactor panel
    4 analog outputs (0 to 10VDC) to control variable-speed fans and modulating valves
    32 analog input channels for connecting light, CO2, RH and temperature sensors
    8 digital detector channels sense precipitation, wind speed, and direction
    Ramping allows for gentle transition between set point periods and saves fuel
    Records the status of all inputs and outputs in 15-minute increments
    Alarm outputs: temperature, RH and power failure
    Large display includes menu-driven choices and graphic functions
    Keypad for easy operation
    Durable corrosion-resistant cabinet with locking door protects your control
    Cabinet size: 32″ x 24″ x 5″


Item Link Price Description
Capna Systems Atles Cryo Ethanol extraction unit https://capnasystems.com/equipment/atles $450,000.00 Unused, 90 pounds per hour biomass dried
Capna systems Ceres centrifuge https://capnasystems.com/equipment/ceres $48,500.00 unused
Mydax CryoDax 1CD16W https://mydax.com/liquid-chiller-applications/extraction-chillers/ Came with Capna Atles Came with capna, unused
Deutsche Process Surface Kettle Scraper (SKS) https://deutscheprocess.com/solvent-recovery/ $163,924.00 Unused
Deutsche Process Brite tank https://deutschebeverage.com/tanks-vessels/ Came with SKS Unused
Marley SFX water cooling tower https://spxcooling.com/cooling-towers/marley-aquatower/ Came with SKS Unused (500,000 btu/hr)
Columbia Boiler Company http://www.columbiaboiler.com/mph-boilers.htm Came with SKS 630,000 btu/hr (water added), unused
Columbia Boiler feed systems http://www.columbiaboiler.com/boiler-accessories.htm Came with SKS Unused
Columbia Boiler Blowdown http://www.columbiaboiler.com/boiler-accessories.htm Came with SKS Unused
Beaker and Wrench Wiping-Film Evaporator (WFE) https://beakerandwrench.com/product-category/wfe-sales/turn-key-system/ $155,000.00 Lightly used (~60 hours of run time),
7.0 l/h 1st pass, 4.5 l/h 2nd pass
  Total $817,424.00
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