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The RoboCAP, ATG Pharma’s most versatile and efficient filling machine, guarantees industry-leading throughput for a wide variety of products such as cartridges/capsules, tinctures, bottles, candies/confectionery, lotions, and balms.


Filling capsules, vape carts and tinctures has never been easier or more efficient thanks to this RoboCAP RL-401VF Robotic Liquid Filler Volumetric (VF) Nozzle. Designed to optimize low-volume product filling, the VF Nozzle dispenses product with a +/- 2% filling accuracy and the same speed and consistency as our other RoboCAP systems. Upgradeable to 2 nozzles with our heating and mixing system and 4 nozzles without heating, get started on optimizing your production today

A team of engineers have specially designed three unique filling systems to optimize low-volume product filling for products such as vape cartridges and capsules (Volumetric System), medium- to high-volume product filling for products such as bottles and tinctures (Peristaltic System), and highly-viscous, time-sensitive product filling for products such as candies/confectionery, lotions, and balms (Pneumatic System).

This listing as for a never used (after initial set up testing) Robotic Liquid Filler that has both volumetric and peristaltic upgrades to allow filling for capsule, vape cartridges and tinctures. There are additional filling trays for vape carts as well as a 3 gallon pressure vessel with heating option as well as two additional 1L pressure vessels with heating option (see attached for full equipment list and upgrades).


RL-401VF Robotic Liquid Filler — (2,000 Capsules/1,000 Vape Carts/ 1,200 Tinctures per hour) includes:

⁃            RoboCAP RL-400 Series Robot

⁃            Volumetric Dispense Nozzle Assembly

⁃            Air Filters & Regulator (12psi)

⁃            (10ft) PTFEN Heat-Resistant Tubing (12) Cannula Needle Tips


Capsule Filling Option Includes:

–          ProFiller 3600 Capsule System + Programming

⁃             Additional Caps Tray Locking Plate


Peristaltic Pump Option – 1 Pump (1.000+ Tinctures/hr based on 30ml volume)


⁃            Touch Screen Controller

⁃            Peristaltic Pump

⁃            Check Valve + Mounting Bracket

⁃            SS Countersink (10ft) Silicone Product Tubing


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