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6 column rack Beest with 4x jacketed 36” 5/6” material columns (each holds 6lb), one jacketed 30” 4/5” CRC or DeWax column (depending on what you want), and one jacketed 4/5” mol sieve with 3 swage tentacles top + bottom for fast recovery.


3x 30lb (5gal) solvent tanks (non-jacketed, for use with DI rice + orange drink cooler tech), one giant 10″ R2D2 recovery cauldron (1st unit ever released), and one 8” recovery vessel.


All solvent tanks + recovery vessels have the OG clear lids making it super easy to see what’s going on.

CRC/DeWax column has 360 degree clear slight glasses on top and bottom and there are 2 extras you can add on to the bottom if using more CRC media.


Includes all swage hoses required for operation + 2x 50lb liquid C02 tanks (used for blasting out spent material).


Also have 2x AI CleanVac 11 dry scroll pumps (1x never used), 2x Cascade TV05 ovens, and 1x AI T40 cold trap.

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