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Cannabis & Hemp Insurance
Price for Lease : 2.50
Size : 10,000 to 63,000
Cannabis or Hemp Use Allowed? : Cannabis
License Type : Medical & Recreational
City Tax Rate : 3%
Year Built : 2022
Utilities : Water, Electricity, Natural Gas, Trash
Company Name : MTR Cana
Phone : 6269991673

MTR Cana is proud to announce the new development on West side of Koala Rd between Air Expressway and Joshua Rd 20 Acre Cannabis Development that is Launching with Fully Entitled Lots that will be 63,000 Square feet, 2 Story and with as small as 10,000 square feet of rental space to a full building of 63,000 square feet with each Floor being 31,500 square feet. Each Rental Units First Floor Ceiling height of 16′ and second floor height of 14′. All Leased units will come with Roll up Door, First Floor Stairs to Second Floor, Small office (unless the Full building is leased), Bathroom(s), Windows, and Glass Door for Main Entrance. All Buildings are Sprinklered, Fire Exit Signs with 90 Minute back up Battery, Mop Sink(s), and Emergency Exit Doors along with HOA fees for shared Security, Landscaping and Maintenance of Common areas.


Each Unit will be based on 10,000 to 63,000 square feet leases or purchase a full building with Parking. The building’s exterior walls are Polyurethane Walls that have R-24 to R30 Insulation Rating and Polyurethane Roof Panels for 2nd Floor insulation value of R-30. 2nD Floor comes with Lightweight Flooring with Steel panels for 1st Floor Ceiling. Power will come from Southern California Edison (has been applied for). We also are working with a Solar and micro generator power generation company from Israel which is committed to install up to 14 KW power supply to the site once their Commitment for Service has been reached (this may take time to be fully offered). We also can offer Generators powered by natural gas to the lessees at cost plus 10%. We have two generator manufacturers that are California approved and can supply from 125kw to 900kw generators as 24/7 Power.


The MTA Cana Development allows for Cultivation, Manufacturing, Distribution, Delivery Lab Testing, and any Adelanto Legal License that is offered in Medical and Recreational Licensing. The Adelanto City has an overall rate of 3% with Cultivation Square footage rated at $1.25 per Canopy Square feet and Manufacturing and Distribution being calculated at 3% your total sales*. The city collects all taxes Quarterly. The City Planning and Building Departments are pro Cannabis and work diligently to help approve Cannabis Facilities as quick as possible as long as you follow the easy-to-understand Regulations and Requirements.


MTR Cana Offers assistance in applying for your CUP, Minor CUP, Local Licenses and State Licenses with our on-site Consulting Team that can offer fair Consulting Fees, Construction Plans for Tenant Improvement Build outs, SOP Set up and Creation, Compliance, hiring practices, Business planning and recommendations to Distribution and Marketing Companies that can help launch your brand. We offer all levels of Consulting**. (**Warning you get what you pay for in most cases). MTA Cana Offers Contractor Recommendations and access to Construction Material for Cannabis Build outs. We also offer access to Suppliers of Grow Lights, HVAC Systems, Automation, and much more under our Consulting options. MTR Cana also offers access to Grow Teams that may be contracted to run your operations and or consultation.


 All Buildings come with parking that is designated for each Rental and Visitor Parking to be shared by all Leases.


Some Items offered mentioned in this offer to lease or purchase may be changed and or substituted once full Build out has been completed. All Leases and or Purchases will be updated prior to signing of Contract to Purchase or Lease.

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