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Price : $760,000
Listing Type : Lab & Extraction
Status : ACTIVE
Sale Type : Cash
Company Name : Point3 Farma LLC
Phone : 719-733-3921

Ethanol Extraction Equipment – Quantity 2 – In production with Manufacturer 

• SPX MARLEY 680 Ton. Galvanized steel with PVC fill, updraft cooling tower manufactured by Marley (SPX). 25 Hp fan. With basin heatcrs.13′ 6″ long x 22′ wide x 10′ high.  

• 2500 liter ABEC Systems Bioreactor system. System includes: 2500 Liter Sanitary reactor, Bottom mounted offset SEW agitator. Magnetic seal less drive: Bioreactor Feed skid with filters, pumps, process piping, valves, gauges, all sanitary, mounted in a 304LSS framework. 

•3VTECH / COGEIM 2. 0 Sq. Meter, 316 SS, vertical filter dryer, with sanitary insulation jacket. Complete system with a working volume of 3050 liters. System features a 0.9 sq. meter cartridge dust filter, Nitrogen reservoir for purge, cored and heated agitator, and a stand-alone hydraulic system.

•750 Gallon sanitary insulation shroud. Vertical Reactor Body, with polished internals, manufactured by A & B Process Systems. Vessel rated for FY /l OOpsi at 446 degrees F. Jacket rated for FY /I 50psi at 446 degrees F.

• 300 Gallon dimple Jacket with a 304 SS sanitary insulation shroud. It is a vertical pressure tank, with polished internals. Vessel rated for FV/IOOpsi at 446 degrees F. Jacket rated for FV/150psi at 446 degrees F.

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Price is for both units.  Price is discounted 20% off MSRP.  These are brand new and will be shipped from the Manufacturer to your facility.

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