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Cannabis & Hemp Insurance
Price : $1,490,000.00
Status : ACTIVE
Size : 11,000
Cannabis or Hemp Use Allowed? : Cannabis and/or Hemp
License Type : Medical

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M’s Farm is located in an 11,000 square foot facility in downtown Shawnee, OK, centrally located in OK, approximately 40 miles from OKC and 100 miles from Tulsa. The company was founded in 2018.

M’s Farm uses a proprietary system of perpetual production in independent batch environments to maximize production, minimize the possibility of cross contamination, optimize pest control, etc.

From inception, there’s been an intense focus on optimizing light/plant ratio, improving nutrition, improving watering processes, improving pest control practices, and all other elements that contribute to optimizing plant health and weight production.

M’s Farm  has taken a unique approach to the marketplace, electing to produce only caviar pre-rolls with two primary products: Black Ties (singles and 5 pack) and Bleezy Blunts (the first of its kind in Oklahoma). 

M’s Farm has developed a broad and loyal customer base with 50-odd accounts and products in some 60+ dispensaries across the state.

M’s Farm completed a 2021 OMMA inspection with 100% compliance, the first facility to do so in Oklahoma per the OMMA inspector.

Both the grow and processing licenses will be made available for transfer to a buyer, saving over 12 weeks of processing time for the COC and OMMA applications.

The facility is an old stone/brick building with total floor space of about 11,040 square feet; the space being comprised of about 8,800 square feet on the ground floor and about 2,240 square feet on the basement level.

The ground level space utilization is as follows:

·         a) Approximately 2,250 square feet at the back of the structure is utilized for administration, storage, etc.

·         b)  Approximately 5,400 square feet in the middle of the structure is utilized for the grow/processing operations. This space is currently configured with nursery / veg space, seven (7) grow rooms of about 185 sq-ft each, dry space, storage space, work space for manufacturing pre-rolls, watering system, HVAC controls, etc.

·         c)  Approximately 1,150 square feet in the front of the building is currently used as an art gallery viewable only from the street to enable local artists to display their works, a move that was viewed very positively by the City of Shawnee and other business owners as it helped improve the streetscape. Another item undertaken was establishing a “parklet” on the street in front of the building that also helps improve the streetscape and beautify the front of the building, making it more appealing to passersby.  This space could very easily be converted to a dispensary.

·         Reverse Osmosis Watering System – this watering system has a capacity of 1,000 gallons and provides 99.9% purified, filtered water maintaining a 7.0 pH that’s substantially improved water quality and plant absorption rate.

·         Strains Information available upon request.

·         As previously noted, there are 7 grow rooms of approximately 185 sq-ft each with 3 grow lights per room for a total of 21 grow lights in the current configuration.

·         The existing grow room footprint will accommodate expansion from the current 3 lights per room (for a total of 21 lights) to a fully expanded, single density configuration of 8 lights per room (for a total of 56 lights) in a 2×4 grid arrangement.

·     The facility can be further expanded to add an 8th grow room space and double-density configuration to accommodate a total of 128 lights to enable a 600% growth over the current operation’s size….all within the same building!


Ø  Very strong market presence

Ø  Most widely recognized, respected and sought-after infused pre-rolls in the Oklahoma market

Ø  Products have unmatched quality and consistency with exceptional medicinal benefits

Ø  Centrally located in the state to ease logistics

Ø  Currently serving 50+ accounts in 60+ dispensaries

ØUnparalleled expansion opportunities to grow the business significantly within the existing building

Ø 100% vertical integration can be done within the existing building 

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