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 200 California Lightworks Greenhouse pro 340 LED grow lights. These lights are 1.5 years old, and have been well maintained for the duration of their use. 

Will sell all for $91,500 or sell per light @ $600/light.

The New GH 340 is specifically designed for supplemental lighting in greenhouses. It features a very small shadow effect yet covers a large area. The GH 340 is chainable and as many as 10 lights can be run from a single power drop to save on installation costs. It also features wireless two-channel spectrum control and integrates with a wireless photo sensor for automated dimming depending on the amount of sunlight available. The GH 340 uses passive cooling with no fans and has an IP rating of 65. Draws 340 watts max with up to 3.0 μmol / joule efficiency.

Spectrum (red and white channels), light intensity (dimming), and lighting schedule (power, intensity, spectrum) are all controlled via Bluetooth through the California Lightworks App. This app allows the user to separate lights into different groups, for variable control over different greenhouses and grow rooms. While intended for greenhouse production, we have also used them in our indoor grow rooms. 


The lights are passively cooled, with minimal heat output, and are waterproof with an IP65 rating. All drivers are self contained, so there is no need to run external drivers. Lights can be run on multiple voltages, from 110 – 277 VAC.

Full 200 light package to include all 20 power cords, 180 daisy chain leads, bluetooth mesh gateway for wireless control, and 400 metal hangers. 

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Key Specifications:


Up to 3.0 umol/j

Maximum Current

1.42A @ 240v/ 1.22A @ 277 v

Power Consumption

0 – 340 W


Up to ten units

Light Output

900 PPF


50-60 Hz

Heat Output 

1080 BTU

Spectrum Control

2 Channel

Data Connection

Wireless Bluetooth

Operating Temperature

0 – 107 F

Auto Voltage

120 – 277 VAC


34” x 3.2” x 3.2”


8 lbs

Thermal Management 



2 Channel:  0 – 100%


UL, CE, and DLC

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