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Listing Type : Land For Lease
Status : ACTIVE
Price for Rent : 37500
Lot Size (Acres) : 61.8 mol
Lease Type : NNN
Power (AMPS) : 500 AMPS
Cannabis or Hemp Use? : Cannabis
Medical or Recreational : Both
Sale Type : Joint Venture
Utilities : Water, Electricity
Company Name : Bottle Rock Herbal Medicine LLC
Phone : 707-337-6583

Bottle Rock Herbal Medicine’s (BRHM) property sits on a total of 61.8 acres of private land, with cannabis cultivation available on three – one acre parcels. The property boasts: a 5-gallon per minute well,  an enclosed hut (divided into two units for additional sleeping quarters), 2x barns, 14x bungalows, restroom/shower rooms, pump house; with two 5500 gallon water storage tanks, and a freshwater pond; with 3 acre feet of water when full.

Independently evaluated, and inclusive of the added value the amenities bring to the property, it’s estimated that leasing the property for cannabis cultivation would cost between $180-$200K per cultivation acre (3x), or $45,000-$50,000 per month.

BRHM is seeking a cannabis cultivation group to lease the entirety of the property for $37,500 per month; plus 10% of gross profit (revenue minus direct COGS). This structure is intended to be beneficial to both lessee and lessor by minimizing the production costs of lessee, and acting as a non-guaranteed upside to lessor for discounting the lease price.


● Lease will be for a 5-year term, with a renewable option for an additional 5-years.

● Lease will include an early termination clause to exit the lease after 2-years, for a one-time fee of $450k (solely at lessee’s discretion).

● Lessee must hold general liability insurance with a minimum of $4M of coverage on the property. Lessor must be included as an additional insured on the policy.

● 3-months security deposit plus 1st month rent due upon signing.

● Lease terms will be triple net. All upgrades, maintenance, and upkeep of the property will be the responsibility of Lessee.

● Lessee can only sublease cultivation parcels to companies they control and/or operate, and will be held responsible for the property.

● Lessor will be allowed Lessee to secure three cannabis cultivation licenses (either outdoor or greenhouse) on the property. Any additional licenses must be discussed with and approved by Lessor on a case-by-case basis.

● Lessee must maintain local authorization and state cannabis licenses in order to legally cultivate cannabis on the property.

● Lessee will not at any time cultivate cannabis without a license.

● Any updates and/or modifications to structures on the property or additions to the property must be pre-approved by Lessor prior to development. Lessor desires Lessee to be successful in their operation, and will not disallow or not permit activities necessary to Lessee’s operation without substantial cause or reason (legal or otherwise).

● Lessor will have the right to visit the property given 24 hour notice prior to visit.

● Lessee will not host any public events or parties at the property.  

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