Cannabis Delivery Service based in SoCal

Murrieta, CA, USA
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Medical, Medical & Recreational
Growth and Expansion Opportunities:
G Touch Collective was previously listed on Weedmaps and organically gained a top 5 position in the Murrieta, Temecula, and Menifee areas without paying for a featured listing. The work put into becoming a top 5 delivery service established G Touch Collective as a brand that prides itself with satisfactory and excellent customer service. Due to this commitment to customer service, G Touch Collective still is capable of gaining more market share at half the cost of a dispensary leading to long term exponential profit margins.
Reason for Selling:
Due to a lack of capital required to have the necessary inventory and cash flow, we have decided to sell or possibly bring in an investor to remedy this simple issue. Our company has the network and necessary contacts to acquire wholesale licensed products directly from multiple distributors but as previously mentioned, we are lacking the necessary funding required to carry the products currently required in our operating areas to gain a sizeable market share.
Support & Training Offered:
Our CFO/lead Graphic Designer will on board all personnel who will be overseeing day to day operations as well as transfer all digital assets including transferring over website domains, content management systems, and all required assets to run the delivery service. The onboarding process should take at least a week to properly transfer over all ownership and if the new owner would like to hire the CFO/lead Graphic Designer, that can also be negotiated.
Company Name:
G Touch Collective
Description :

G Touch Collective is a SoCal based licensed cannabis delivery service which has been in operation since 2017 and are an online based delivery service that has the potential to gain a respectable market share among the Temecula, Murrieta, Wildomar, and Menifee areas. To achieve this potential, we require the necessary licensed products to serve the local market but lack the capital currently to do so. With the right amount of funding provided, this business has the capability to give any future owner more than a healthy profit margin due to the dramatically decreased costs compared to a dispensary with a physical location. All necessary paperwork will be given upon the purchase of the sale. The CFO/Lead Graphic Designer will be able to transition the new owner and team over within a few weeks.  

Cultivation and Production Licensed Facility in Parhrump NV

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Commercial/Other For Sale

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