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Company Name : Cannabis Jobs Near Me
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1. Executive Summary

Cannabis Jobs Near Me provides a centralized employment portal for both employers and job-seekers in the cannabis / marijuana industry. Employers and recruiters can create company and job listings and track applicants through the entire process. Job-seekers can browse jobs, create resumes, cover letters and apply for jobs.

2. Highlights

This is an amazing opportunity to buy a turn-key jobs platform in the fastest growing industry in the United States. Opportunity for growth is unlimited and getting in early on the ground floor means the only way through is up. There are very few platforms of this kind in the cannabis industry, especially with the features that this site includes.

There are currently over 450 registered job-seekers and 70 registered employers / recruiters signed up on the website. This grows nearly every day with limited marketing performed thus far.

Cannabis / marijuana and hemp markets are a multi-billion dollar industry and it has only just begun.


  • High Levels of Automation
  • High Profit Margins
  • Passive Income
  • Turn-Key Operations
  • Overall Market Size


  • Capitalize on the Emerging Market
  • Improve Current Marketing Efforts


  • Customer Support / Service
  • Market the Business
  • Website Maintenance

3. Monetization

The site includes multiple revenue options and is currently configured for the following:

  • Upgraded employer / recruiter subscription packages ranging from $199 to $499 available. Employer accounts are currently configured to allow one company and 5 jobs at no charge but can be changed.
  • Job seekers are currently free to use the system, but can be changed to charge subscriptions.
  • Monetization options also available for banner-type advertising.

4. Operations

The website is built upon the Joomla 3.X CMS Core, which is an extremely robust and powerful platform.

This website must be on a Linux cPanel Hosting plan. Therefore, it is your responsibility to maintain a current plan with a company like GoDaddy. Hosting plans typically run around $10 per month on up.

As with all higher end websites, this website requires standard maintenance (updates and backups) to keep all software current and secure. The site is currently updated and backed up once per month, or whenever important security updates are released. This process typically takes around 1-2 hours each time it is needed.

There may be optional licensing costs to access new updates for certain software components. This would be a maximum of around $149 per year if you want to keep these updated.

5. Customers

 Customers on the website are:

  • Businesses and recruiters in the cannabis industry looking to find and retain quality employees.
  • Job seekers looking for employment in the cannabis industry.

6. Financials

 Although there is a massive potential for multiple types of revenue, this site is relatively new and being officially listed as a “starter site” because it has not had an opportunity to produce significant income yet. Therefore, no financial documents will be provided or implied. 

7. Seller Notes

Upon successful sale of the business, I will transfer it to the buyer as part of the sale. This involves two primary projects:

The domain will be transferred first. The buyer must pay any transfer fees needed for the transfer. If your account is with GoDaddy, the transfer will be free. This process typically takes 7-10 days to complete.

The website and database will be transferred after the domain transfer has completed. Before transferring can take place, the buyer must have a cPanel Hosting Plan to transfer to. I can assist the new owner in setting up a proper hosting account and selecting the correct plan.

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