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Price : $1,600,000
Status : ACTIVE
Size : 9200/pot house 1600 dbl wide/ 1200 Processing house
Lot Size (Acres) : 2 acres
Power (AMPS) : 320
Medical or Recreational : Medical
City Tax Rate : 6.25
Year Built : 2015
Sale Type : Cash, Owner Financing
Utilities : Water, Electricity, Sewer, Trash
Company Name : Bobs Buds
Phone : 214-493-0700

I have a 9200 Sq’ insulated building with 1600 plants (about 500 in flower at all times) all automated water system, catch water off the roof and plumbed to all area’s, heat and air system, the flower room is 3500 sq’ the veg room is 1600 sq’ the seedling room is 800 sq’ and a clone and mother room as well we are currently harvesting about 40 plants a week and will get to 100 a week in the next couple of months at most. We will be doing about 1000 clones a week in about a month as well. This business is up and running, comes with the license ( Grow and Processing license that is active at this time) RV hook up security, bathroom, storage area. This also comes with a double wide trailer house a processing house all sewer, rural water, Pipe fence around it on two acres just out of the city limits. At 100 plants a week at 1/4 pound per plant that’s 4 plants per pound that’s 30 pounds a week potential @ a low of $1500.00 per pound that is $45,000.00 per week alone potential, the Clones will bring at a low of $5.00 each at 1000 a week there is another $5,000.00 per week and then the Processing house to do your own Processing is pricelist!! This business comes with all lights (California Light work 1100UVB 30 of em) and 125 T5 lights and plants as well (a up and running business) that you start making money immediately the first day. 

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