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Price : $50,000
Status : ACTIVE
Cannabis or Hemp Use Allowed? : Cannabis and/or Hemp
Company Name : Harvest Moon Southern Oregon
Phone : 5414144078

Harvest Moon Southern Oregon, a trusted staffing agency in Southern Oregon for all cannabis cultivation/post production needs, is for sale!

Harvest Moon works as so;

We have a crew of our own, we run our own payroll and have an internal HR department. 

Cultivators call us for their laborer and crew needs, It could be for a big push or to run their entire operation start to finish.

We trim, plant, prune, harvest, hang, buck and do general field preparation and maintenance. 

The cultivator tells us exactly what they are looking for; crew size, task, amount of time (days/weeks/months), and location, then we pick through our crew and send the best people for the job.

We send a crew leader to manage, keep track of our own hours, create our own schedule, run payroll, and keep a live data spreadsheet for the client to see whenever they would like.

This business comes with a team of accountants, bookkeepers, a cannabis attorney, payroll company, the crew itself, and 6 months of Q&A and advice from the current owner.

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