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Listing Type : Commercial/Other
Status : ACTIVE
Price : 6000
Size : 2000
Company Name : Weis Real Estate
Phone : 2132637974

This project is over 24,000 square feet of pure potential in the MMJ zone.  It is a commercial multiunit two story layout with individual suites ranging between 50 to 4000 square square feet.  The entire building is being upgraded and rehabbed and this project stands to be a landmark both in the City of Long Beach and within the local Los Angeles cannabis community.  We already have some big brands from San Diego to Humboldt that have signed on to the project and their license applications are with the City pending approval.  Rents are between $3-$5 per square foot.  We are now at 75% capacity and looking for a few more tenants to round out the mix.  We are looking for:

  1. Low Impact Manufacturers (No extraction)
  2. Distributors
  3. Lab Testing Operators or Investors Interested in Partnering on an ISO Lab Facility
  4. Ancillary Cannabis Operators (Tech, R&D, Marketing, Insurance, Financing, Accounting, Packaging, HR)
  5. NO Retail (City is capped) and NO Cultivation (Doesn’t make sense in this space)
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