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Have a Capna Ethos-6 ethanol extraction system for sale. This unit has never been used. The Capna Labs has agreed to transfer Two Day Training/Instruction by Capna Team (COST $10,000) to Buyer. Right now, there is a 6-month lead time on these units if you order from Capna. We changed plans and no longer have a need for it. The extraction unit is comprised of 3-pieces; A collection vessel, a vacuum pump, and the actual extraction unit. (Extraction Bags and hoses will be included) The video link below shows the ethos-4 system. The Ethos-6 is a newer version and has a higher output capacity. Ethos-6 can extract up to 14 pounds of plant material per hour, while drawing only 15.8 amps of power. The system runs on 200-proof ethanol and evacuates and transfers an emulsion from stage to stage in a fully enclosed, recirculating closed loop, making it safe for a single operator even if they have no prior experience. It can also be easily connected to the auto-feed of a rotary evaporator or FFE to create a complete extraction-to-reduction loop. 

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  • 3600g/40 min. extraction throughput
  • 136L/36 gal. ethanol holding capacity
  • 85% solvent recovery rate
  • 98.6% efficient with no post processing required
  • Terpene content yield: 4%-7%
  • Extract is fully winterized, de-waxed and chlorophyll-free
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