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We are pleased to bring you the Cat Canyon Cannabis Park!

1x 7.5 acre, 1x 3.95 acre, and 18x 1.1 acre craft cannabis plot solutions for lease, situated on 480+ acres located in the prime agricultural region of the Santa Ynez Valley in beautiful Santa Barbara County. Wholesale, turn-key craft cannabis automated light deprivation greenhouse and OUTDOOR solutions that save you hundreds of thousands of dollars on infrastructure and permitting costs. Save hundreds of thousands of dollars with our turn-key solutions at wholesale pricing.

Nursery with access to over 250 cultivars, options for truly flower ready plants, customized to the size of your choice with 100% organic inputs and fertilizer. Space for self-distribution, as well as on-site drying/curing. Off-site breeding collaborations available – let us help you make flavors exclusive to your brand! Other processing and manufacturing details and services available upon request.

Lock in your space today!

1.1 acre = 48,384 sq. ft.

Total sq. ft. available = 1,369,674

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