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Price : $200,000
Listing Type : Other Equipment
Status : ACTIVE
Sale Type : Cash, Financing, Owner Financing
Company Name : Grace Equipment Specialists LLC
Phone : 401-742-4812

Condensate removal system:
Condensate removal system at each dryer to consist of an ASME pressurized tank and controls, designed to manage the evacuation of condensate from the dryer and maintain highest possible return pressure without backing up condensate into the dryer. Cleaver-Brooks supplied all components and controls necessary to operate condensate removal system.
• (1) ASME tank – rated at 200 PSIG – for each Dryer

Tank to include:
• Steam temperature gauge connection
• Level control connections
• Sight gauge connections
• Blow through steam connection
• Condensate outlet connection
• Mounting legs or mounting bracket.

Included in Condensate Removal System:
• (1) Control valve sized for liquid condensate removal for each Dryer
• Pneumatic control valve with I/P converter capable of receiving 4-20 ma signal
• (1) Manually operated “Blow through” steam valve for each Dryer
• (1) Pressure transmitter for each Dryer
• (1) Level transmitter and valve block for each Dryer
• (1) PID controller for each Dryer
• Programmed to maintain level in condensate tank and provide Differential Pressure for condensate evacuation
• Will be capable of sending signal to HPCR to adjust the HPCR operating pressure

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