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 Cool Clean CO2 Extraction Machine 


Manufactures unit performance specs and requirements:  

-CO2 Machine currently can do about 60# bio mass at one time with a 6 hour run. For around $25,000.00 the manufacture mentioned they could modify CO2 Machine cut 6 hour run time down to 3 hours / doubling unit through put. 


-CO2 Machine needs a 150 PSI air compressor for constant air. 


-CO2 Machine requires a minimum 10 HP Industrial chiller with provided glycol at 20F and colder. 


-CO2 Machine needs to be filled with roughly 400# liquid CO2 in its provided storage tank. Each run you will lose a minimum of 1% if not more of your liquid CO2, so depending on your amount of time usage: tank will need to be refilled with liquid CO2. 


It gives us great honor to offeryou the following pricing and options:  



Purchase of one used CO2 machine. 


(Lists new for around $350,000.00).  

Unit sold as is and at through put around 60# per 6 hour run. 

Includes CO2 machine, liquid CO2 storage tank,  

Exclusions: tax, air compressor, liquid co2, chiller, hot water / source, shipping and handling, install, warranty, guarantee of performance, and start up.  

Lead time: in stock today.  



Purchase of one slightly used 150 PSI air compressor. 

Purchase price of $950.00  

(Lists new for around $4,000.00).  

Exclusions: tax, CO2 machine, liquid co2, chiller, hot water / source, shipping and handling, install, warranty, guarantee of performance, and start up.  



Purchase of one Remanufactured JCY Deluxe (10 HP Large frame) Outdoor rated Industrial grade Package chiller.  

Unit is single zone with Semi Hermetic Compressor and on 407F refrigerant.  

Unit is 208/230 volts 3 phase (100 service).  

Unit is designed to run as cold as 10F LGT.  

Comes with 1 year parts and labor warranty: due to normal wear and tear.  

Purchase price of $24,000.00 

Exclusions: tax, glycol, glycol for refrigerant loss, shipping, install, and start up.  

Lead time: 3 to 6 weeks with PO. 



Food grade glycol Dowfrost PG 50% pump in ready.  

As low as $14.00 per gallon. You will need roughly 220 gallons for chiller, est piping and CO2 machine jacketing.  

Exclusions: tax, and install.   

Lead time: in stock today.   



The original manufacture of the CO2 machine is offering an upgrade which should lower though put time in half. That means it goes form a 6 hour 60# bia mass run to a 3 hour 60# bia mass run. 

Estimated around $25,000.00 

Lead time for this is around 2 to 6 weeks depending on manufactures schedule. 

JCY is not part of or involved with this, as we can put you in direct contact with the manufacture and actual the original engineer of this machine. 


We highly recommend the complete package for the best and most reliable return on investment. Call for special package pricing.

Thank you for your time!

– Davey Johnson

JC Younger Company:

Family owned and operated for over 60 years!

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