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Cannabis & Hemp Insurance
Price : $100,000
Status : ACTIVE
License Type : Medical & Recreational
Sale Type : Cash, Financing, Joint Venture
Company Name : Fast Leaf - Cannabis10X, Brokerage
Phone : 574-850-4069

At Fast Leaf, we understand the cannabis industry and with that understanding, we have created a CRAFT cannabis micro-growing franchise that is highly profitable. Using our proprietary processes, techniques, methods, and systems a Fast Leaf CRAFT cannabis micro-grow franchise will be profitable from your very first harvest.


  • $1,500,000 Turnkey Cost
  • Franchise fee $100,000. (Included in turnkey price) 
  • Royalty Fee 10%
  • Management Fee 5% (franchisor management option)



  • Fast Leaf Inc delivers a turnkey micro-cultivation franchise, fully complete and with opening inventory.
  • Fast Leaf Inc manages the entire construction process for you. 
  • This includes Drawings, construction, equipment, and all permits including your Michigan License.



  • Fast Leaf offers a fully managed system should you just wish to invest in the franchise and not be involved in the operation.  However, should you want to operate your own Fast Leaf Micro Cultivations franchise there is a significant amount of training necessary in order to successfully operate your own franchise. 
  • Should you choose to operate your franchise, you will have a minimum of six months of intensive hands-on training in a Fast Leaf facility. After this training period, you will be required to pass a master grower exam before being able to operate your own franchise. Additional training is also sometimes necessary to ensure the core aspects of growing are covered.  Our trained staff will also monitor your franchise operation for 3 months post-training to ensure you are getting the proper assistance and support you need for your franchise. 
  • Certifications are very important in the cannabis industry. Your training will also include certification in the following areas. GMP, Good Management Practices. GACP, good agricultural and collection practices. ISO, is an international standards organization. QMS, quality management systems.



  • Fast Leaf Inc has secured locations and can provide fully operational turn-key micro-grows.
  • should you have your own warehouse or industrial building of 100,000sf or larger, we will work with you to ensure your location will meet all municipal zoning bylaws and Health Canada or US State’s standards.
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