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Price : $19,000
Status : ACTIVE
Sale Type : Cash
Company Name : Modulab Technologies
Phone : (423) 693-0971

Liquid nitrogen-cooled ethanol extraction system complete with pump and filter.

Modulab Technologies Model No. LN2-5 Factory refurbished demo unit


Biomass capacity 5 lbs.

Ethanol capacity 5 gallons

Extraction temperature -60C

System includes:

Stainless steel frame with 4 casters

Inlet and outlet hoses

Free shipping within continental U.S.

One day of startup training included

Cryogenic nitrogen ethanol chiller

Stainless steel refrigeration column with vacuum insulated vessel jacket

Direct liquid nitrogen injection tube

Nitrogen vapor vent connection

Explosion-proof digital temperature transmitter and probe

6-ft length cryogenic flex hose

Sight glass for liquid level indication

Manual operating valves and stainless steel sanitary process piping


Stainless steel vessel with vacuum jacket, hinged opening and 4 knob clamps

Inlet spray nozzle and food grade flex hose

Micro-mesh bags, (2) each, 220 mesh, for easy loading/unloading of botanicals

Stainless steel operating valves and sanitary process piping


Wilden air operated double diaphragm sanitary pump

Stainless steel construction

Complies with FDA 21 CFR 177 standards, 3-A, ATEX certification


Pall 316L stainless steel electropolished FDA 3-A sanitary inline filter housing

Pall 10-micron 30” single filter cartridge filter

Pressure gauge and vent valve

Requirements for operation (not provided)

Cryogenic liquid nitrogen cylinder, 22 PSI, available for lease from gas suppliers

Dry compressed air supply, 5 HP air compressor recommended

Minimum building door opening requirements = 3’-0” W x 7’-0”H

Nitrogen vent pipe to building exterior

Electrical connection, 120V (standard wall outlet)

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