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Interested in starting a business in the cannabis industry? Business is booming and there’s the potential to make huge profits as this sector continues to grow exponentially  

The Medical and Recreational cannabis industry is much more than just grow operations and dispensaries. If you’re a foodie, perhaps look into making a unique edibles line. There are even people opening up “bud and breakfasts”—cannabis-friendly lodging, 420 Recreational opportunities can accommodate 420 users in various sports such a Mountain Biking, Fly Fishing, River Rafting, and Hiking. You can integrate 420 into any business located in a 420 friendly State.

Medical and recreational cannabis sales will hit $11.7 billion this year, predicts cannabis analytics firm New Frontier Data, increase by 25% in 2019 and hit $25 billion in seven years. For comparison, wine sales in the United States were worth $60 billion last year, according to the Beverage Information and Insights Group. For the 42o entrepreneur, 420 is an exciting business to profit in. Start with a 420 specific Domain Name from 420Partnership.com.

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