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500L Vacuum Scraper Concentration Tank  (Decarb unit)

Structure description: Steam heating in the jacket, vacuum evaporation concentrator, The column tube condenser, cooling water cooling system, with two segments heating area

Equipment components:

A, Concentration tank 500L

B, Defoamer: DN159

C, Gas-liquid separator: DN300

D, Condensator: 10

E, Recycling tank: 300L

F, Explosion-proof motor: 2.2KW (240V, 60HZ, 3P); mixing speed: 36r/min, Anchor stirring with scraper

Surface treatment: Inner surface with mirror polishing, outer with matte polishing, in line with GMP standards 

Material thickness:

A, tank: inner shell δ=5mm/ S304; jacket δ=3mm/ S304; insulation layer δ=2mm/ S304, insulation layer material adopts Rock wool.

B, Defoamer; δ=3mm/ S304

C, Condensator: δ=3mm/ S304: column tube φ19*1.5mm/ S304

D, Recycling tank: δ=4mm/ S304 5,

Working pressure: jacket :0.25MPa inner tank-0.06~-0.08Mpa

Equipment configuration: Cleaning ball, vacuum gauge, thermometer gauge, explosion-proof sight glass, explosion-proof view lamp, explosion-proof vacuum pump, quick-open manhole,sampling system,etc.

Function description: This equipment is for water, alcohol material liquid enrichment; For organic solvent recovery; Continuous and intermittent feed;

Operating temperature, vacuum can be controlled in the operation;

Can control the operation process vacuum stability,

Has convenient cleaning

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